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MAFS Season 12: Why Paige and Chris were doomed from the start

Chris and Paige smile for publicity photo Pic credit: Lifetime

Every week, Married at First Sight viewers followed along with bated breath as the saga surrounding MAFS’s Season 12 couple, Chris Williams and Paige Banks, continued to unfold. Week after week, we watched the two hold and defend their title as the most dramatic couple on the show.

The couple first caught our attention from Wedding Day when Chris announced he had been very recently engaged, so recently in fact that the numbers did not seem to add up, and caused fans to question if Chris had been actively engaged when he signed up for the Married at First Sight process.

Sadly enough, the wedding was the highlight for the couple, as things just continued to spiral from there. During the honeymoon, Chris made a very dramatic proclamation that he did not find Paige physically attractive (despite the couple already consummating their marriage…twice.)

Just in case the honeymoon wasn’t already dramatic enough for the couple, Chris then took it right over the top, by announcing his very recent ex, was also pregnant. *phew wipes brow* No wonder fans, let alone Paige herself, couldn’t keep up.

But in my opinion, even if you take out the drama with the ex, and some of the other bumps along their road, they would not have made it anyway. Why? Because as the psychologists would say, Chris displays all the classic symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, in other words, Chris’s main focus…is Chris.

Let’s look at the evidence, shall we?

Is Chris Williams a raging narcissist?

From day one, the couple seemed an odd pairing as Paige entered the marriage stating that the most important thing for her was a “God-fearing man.” Chris stated the most important thing to him was having a wife that shared his sexual interests. Not exactly off to a great start there.

The couple continued to exhibit differences of intentions, when on day two of the honeymoon, Chris left to get menus for the couple’s breakfast and did not return. When he finally was located, he admitted that he did not find Paige physically attractive, despite the couple having already consummated the marriage…twice.

The saga continued throughout the Honeymoon as more and more information about Chris was revealed. As Paige began to crunch the numbers, she realized the math on Chris’s prior engagement didn’t add up.

It appeared that Chris would have been applying for the process of Married at First Sight either while he was actively still engaged, or a few very short weeks after, displaying his main priority was not a healthy marriage, but most likely simply not wanting to be alone.

Although Paige continued to remain steadfast in her dedication to make the marriage work, Chris seemed to just go whichever way the wind blew. Fans were astounded when Chris proposed that Paige and his pregnant ex-fiancée meet live on the show.

The meeting went surprisingly well…for everyone but Chris, that is. Both women expressed a desire not to be in a relationship with Chris, which was obviously news to him as he angrily proclaimed at the end of the meeting that “this did not go like I planned.”

It was clear from that statement, what Chris had envisioned from the scenario was some knockdown, drag-out, fight to the death for his love. Unfortunately for him, both women handled the situation as well as could be expected, and probably even better than that.

Both women were cordial to each other and expressed support for the other’s situation, they also equally expressed a desire not to be with Chris, which was unsurprising given the circumstances. It was clear from Chris’s reaction, that the intent of the meeting was not to honor either woman’s feelings, but simply to further his ego.

Every time Paige is ready to leave, Chris is finally ready to work things out

Throughout the season, Chris continued to show that the number one person in his life…was Chris. Chris would tell Paige that he wanted a divorce and intended on getting back with his ex, then would disappear for days or weeks at a time.

Then, as if he had a sixth sense for it, he would wait until Paige had regained her strength and appeared on the verge of being able to leave him, to come running back to her with declarations of his commitment to their marriage, or of his perceived feelings for her.

Although Chris never even spent one night in the couple’s shared apartment provided by the network, and reportedly often wouldn’t even answer Paige’s phone calls, he showed up on Decision Day, stating a desire to remain married to her and wanting things to work out.

It was as unbelievable to the viewers as it was to the experts on the show, as Dr. Viviana accused Chris of “messing with” both the experts and Paige during the 6-hour long debate over whether the couple should stay married.

It always seemed that just as Paige would reach the decision she no longer wanted to stay married, Chris would return to try to convince her otherwise. It seemed that he didn’t want to actually be with Paige, but didn’t want her to be the one to call it off, displaying once again, the fragility of his ego.

The runaround continued even through the Reunion Special and beyond. Reports state that even though Paige is trying to move on with her life post-divorce that Chris is still attempting to keep tabs on her. Even going so far as to respond to Paige’s post-divorce Instagram post caption of “Thank u, Next” with one of his very own, as seen above.

Thankfully, Paige appears to have cut all ties with Chris Williams by changing her number, signing the divorce papers, and even going out on a first date post-divorce. Although fans are willing to bet, based on his history of self-driven behavior, this will not be the last anyone, including Paige, hears of Chris Williams.

Married at First Sight returns on Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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  1. 1 out of every 5 couples gets divorced so the people put them together to make them be the divorced couple.She deserves better and he deserves to be alone forever.


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