MAFS: Paige Banks goes on a blind date after breakup from Chris Williams, but fans are skeptical

MAFS fans are not too sure about Paige Banks' date
Paige Bank goes on a date but fans are leery. Pic credit:Lifetime

Married at First Sight: Where are They Now? gave us a glimpse into the lives of the Atlanta cast, three months after the reunion. And of course, fans were keen to find out what has been going on with Paige Banks since we last saw her.

Many will agree that the young accountant did not get a fair shot at love after being paired with Chris Williams, a man with too much baggage to have even been picked for the show in the first place.

Sadly Chris carried Paige on a rollercoaster ride that might have scarred her for years to come. But during the follow-up feature which aired on Lifetime last night, Paige attempted to get right back into the dating world.

While viewers were happy to see the 26-year-old getting back out there some people were a little skeptical about the man in question.

Paige Banks goes on first date since Chris Williams drama

The Married at First Sight: Atlanta star gave fans a glimpse into her life last night and fans were also treated to another familiar face, Paige’s friend Nancy, who viewers applauded at the reunion.

In the feature, the two friends were getting dolled up at the spa in preparation for Paige’s upcoming date. During their chat, Paige told Nancy that after the reunion, she changed her number so that Chris can only access her through her lawyer as they seek to finalize their divorce.

She also shared details about her date with a man named Styles and told Nancy that another friend had set them up. “A friend of mine actually set this situation up. They know what I’ve been through and they just kinda was like, ‘you know I have a friend and I think that y’all would be good to link at least. He seemed interested, he just wanted to get a chance to know you.'”

However, the reality TV personality dropped another piece of information about Styles that had Nancy and even some viewers looking at her sideways.

Fans are skeptical about Paige’s date

During her spa day with Nancy, the Married at First Sight star continued to share more information about Styles.

“Also I found what was interesting is that he’s also been keeping up with the show,” revealed Paige.

“Oh Lord!” responded Nancy to the information. “I felt that in my stomach, I don’t know.”

Paige understood her friend’s concern and admitted, “You know I had a lot of hesitancy cause I’m like I don’t need anymore, you know, plot twists in my life.”

Well, Nancy wasn’t the only one concerned that Paige’s date had actually watched her on the show, fans were also leery about Styles’ intentions.

Fans are leery of Paige Banks's new date
Pic credit:@leebee4life/Twitter
Fans are leery of Paige Banks's new date
Pic credit:@FrizzyFroD/Twitter
MAFS fans are leery of Paige Banks's new date
Pic credit:@AngieDnHTown/twitter

Do you think it’s a red flag that Paige’s date watched her on the show?

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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Vera Mariner
Vera Mariner
1 year ago

Are we done with her yet? Her heaves, signs and repetitive words are tedious.