MAFS Atlanta: Nancy is the friend Paige needed all season long — So where was she?

MAFS star Paige Banks welcomes friend Nancy to MAFS reunion
Paige’s friend Nancy gives her take on Chris Williams. Pic credit:Lifetime

Season 12 of Married at First Sight is finally over and most fans are relieved after this rollercoaster season. But most viewers are just happy that they never have to see Chris Williams on their TV screens again.

Unfortunately, Paige Banks was the unknowing participant that was matched with a man who had absolutely no business being married and she found that out the hard way.

Many people wondered where were Paige’s friends and family throughout this ordeal and during Part Two of the reunion, Paige’s friend and bridesmaid Nancy added some clarity to what was really going on.

Nancy knew from the wedding that Chris was a bad match for Paige

After Chris left the Married at First Sight reunion, Nancy showed up to give her take on the couple’s marriage and she didn’t have anything nice to say about Chris.

“I knew from the wedding that it wasn’t a good match for her,” revealed Nancy–as she reflected on the wedding day when Chris told her that Paige was not a “trophy wife.”

However, Nancy explained that she kept her cool because “I still wanted to give some benefit of the doubt…and I bit my tongue a bit more at that wedding than I wish I would have. So I was like, ‘okay girl, I can’t make you see what I’m seeing.'”

After hearing her friend’s take on the situation, the MAFS star acknowledged that Nancy did what any friend would do by keeping quiet on her wedding day. However, Nancy interjected mid-sentence, “I don’t mean to cut you off, sis, but what I will say is that had I knew the overall trauma that you would’ve experienced, had I bit my tongue? I would have never done that.”

As for Chris’s apology that he doled out at the reunion, Nancy is not buying it. “There’s not enough apologizing in the world that man could do to make me feel, I don’t even know how I could feel towards him other than how I do,” she remarked.

Where were Paige’s family and friends?

During Nancy’s appearance on the MAFS reunion, host Kevin Frazier wanted to know where was Paige’s other friends and family throughout this ordeal.

“I think there are times as we’re watching the season unfold where we say, ‘where are Paige’s people?’ said Kevin.

“Paige’s people aint there because we don’t act like Paige,” responded Nancy. “We are not as graceful and poised and refined and full of forgiveness and understanding…”

Despite seeming fine at the reunion, Nancy does not think that Paige is actually okay. “I know she’s gonna be on a journey of healing and I know that any man that comes into her life will have to help her unpack some of these wounds that he’s caused,” confessed Nancy.

Married at First Sight is currently on hiatus on Lifetime.

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