Jamie Otis celebrates her birthday with MAFS stars in Miami

Jamie Otis smiles in a white wedding dress on her wedding day
Jamie Otis gets ready to marry a stranger on Married at First Sight Season 1. Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight alum and host of Married at First Sight: Unfiltered, Jamie Otis, recently celebrated her 35th birthday with a fun-filled Miami weekend.

Her birthday bash also reunited MAFS wives from various seasons, including the most current Atlanta wives; Paige, Haley, Virginia, and Briana.

All the women shared posts documenting the festive moments from their boat rides and fun water adventures. They also attended nice venues for drinks, food, dancing, and even some karaoke during their carefree girls weekend.

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Haley and Paige look for Miami men

While living it up in Florida, Jamie showed off a playful video featuring Haley and Paige, referencing their new single relationship status.

Haley and Paige both ended their season of Married of First Sight in less-than-amicable divorces.  Haley and Jacob officially signed divorce papers and agreed to ignore each other beyond giving an occasional awkward “hi” at group events.

Chris and Paige, whose entire marriage was a traumatic train wreck according to Paige and fans, ultimately went their separate ways and Paige even changed her number so that Chris can no longer reach her without contacting her lawyer.

With both women back on the market and recovering from their difficult relationships, Jamie filmed Haley and Paige posing on her story, while Jamie beckons hot Miami men to approach the newly single ladies.

Jamie Otis poses with Haley Harris and Paige Banks in Miami
Jamie Otis has a girls night out with Haley Harris and Paige Banks. Pic credit: @jamienotis/Instagram

Jamie also shows Virginia in the video and notes that she and Virginia are on their best behavior and having a strictly girls weekend considering both are still married to their Married at First Sight husbands.

At one point during the trip, the party guests surprised Jamie with a birthday cake and sang happy birthday to her. Rather than having birthday candles featuring Jamie’s age, the cake cheekily had a single candle shaped like a question mark.

Coming off of a season filled with drama, Jamie’s birthday weekend appeared to be a great opportunity for the MAFS Atlanta wives to relax and let lose while celebrating Jamie, who supported the ladies when having them as guests on Married at First Sight: Unfiltered.

Married at First Sight Season 4 alum, Sonia Granados, joins the party

The trip brought out many familiar faces from the Married at First Sight franchise, including Sonia Granados from Season 4. Sonia married Nick Pendergrast and the two struggled during their eight-week experience and eventually decided to divorce.

Sonia and Nick’s struggles didn’t end after the divorce. Nick quickly moved onto another woman who became pregnant with twins. Sonia then went public with a statement accusing Nick of trying to “make it work” with her while also being involved with another woman.

The ex-couple appear to have completely moved on from each other and the drama, but Sonia seems to still be involved with fellow MAFS alum.

On her Instagram story, Sonia shared about how she got to meet the MAFS Atlanta wives and Jamie over the weekend and she shared how it was such a pleasure to meet some of the few women who have gone through the wild ride of getting married to a stranger on television.

Sonia wrote, “What a great group of women! I love meeting with past and present cast members because it truly feels like we’re a family- husband or not, we all shared this amazing journey that many didn’t and for that I feel we’re tethered and they’re all they appear to be and then some.”

Sonia also added that she missed the chance to meet Clara Oubre, who was the only MAFS Season 12 wife to not take part in the birthday trip.

Jamie Otis helped pave the way for the Married at First Sight women  

Jamie Otis appeared on Married at First Sight Season 1 and has been married the longest of any couple on the series. Jamie’s marriage to Doug has often served as the best proof that the Married at First Sight experiment can really work, especially considering Jamie wasn’t attracted to Doug at the start but now the couple has two young children and their marriage is thriving.

Now, years since Jamie married a stranger, she clearly has found community with the MAFS women who came after her. The ladies who have gone through this unique process, most notably the women from MAFS Season 12, continue to show that they have truly become one big, supportive, and celebratory family.

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime

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