MAFS: Chris Williams keeping tabs on Paige Banks even after she changed her number

MAFS star Chris Williams throws shade at Paige Banks and her date, Styles
Is Chris Williams keeping tabs on Paige Banks? Pic credit: Lifetime

Viewers tuned in to the MAFS: Where Are They Now? special which aired on Lifetime last night, and guess who else tuned in? Chris Williams. We know this based on a shady message he posted then quickly deleted from his IG page.

Last night Paige Banks gave us an update on her life after seeing her and Chris on the reunion show. In true form, things turned ugly when Chris lashed out and reeled off a series of expletives because his former friend, Pastor Dwight, made an appearance. The young entrepreneur eventually left the reunion after causing a scene, and last night, fans were more than happy that he was not a part of the follow-up special.

But viewers were certainly happy to see Paige again and witness her first date since her breakup from Chris.

Chris Williams is keeping tabs on Paige Banks

Last night the Married at First Sight star geared up for her very first date since her nightmare experience with her soon-to-be ex-husband. She explained that friends had set her up with a man named Styles, who had actually watched the show and was interested in meeting her.

Paige’s friend Nancy was hesitant about the fact that Styles had seen the show, and so were viewers. But ultimately, Paige and Styles met up and actually had a pretty decent outing. We don’t know yet if there was actually a love connection, but it was nice to see the beautiful young accountant dip her feet back into the dating pool.

But, Paige’s date prompted a bitter response from Chris Williams, who threw some shade at Styles in his IG stories. “The only Styles I mess with [is] Styles P, ” he wrote in part, and he also added a song from the rapper titled “Feelings Gone,” which could very well be some shade at Paige for finally kicking him out of her life.

MAFS star Chris Williams throws shade at Paige Banks' date
Pic credit: @chriswilliamsii/Instagram

Paige Banks changed her number

Chris is probably bitter because during the MAFS: Where are They Now? special Paige shared something that had us all celebrating. She confessed that Chris was no longer a part of her life and didn’t even have access to her anymore.

During a chat with her friend Nancy, who did not hold back during the reunion on how she felt about Chris, the reality TV personality revealed that she had changed her phone number. Chris can only communicate with Paige via her lawyer as they seek to finalize their divorce, and the 26-year-old can finally put this nightmare behind her.

Kudos to Paige for finally putting herself first and kicking Chris to the curb once and for all!

Married at First Sight: Houston premieres Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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