MAFS: Where are they now? Jacob and Haley meet up after finalizing their divorce — Here’s how it went

MAFS stars Haley Harris and Jacob Harder confirm their divorce during Where are They Now special
Haley Harris and Jacob Harder are officially divorced. Pic credit:Lifetime

Married at First Sight disaster couple Haley Harris and Jacob “Jake” Harder are officially divorced, so now they have at least one thing that they can celebrate together, right?

During the MAFS: Where are They Now? special, which aired on Lifetime last night, Haley and Jacob decided to meet up.

In true form, it was pretty awkward at first between the two, but they did manage to have a productive conversation.

Haley and Jacob are officially divorced

During the follow-up series, Haley confirmed that she and Jake are officially divorced and they celebrated the occasion with drinks.

“Jake and I just signed our divorce papers. We are officially divorced. I’m so happy to be done, could not be happier, to be honest,” exclaimed Haley laughingly.

“I’m sure you’re ready to get all this behind you like I am…” said the 28-year-old to her now ex-husband. “But I just wanna talk because I feel like there’s no need for us to have like any animosity or any hard feelings towards each other. I don’t know how you feel about that.”

Well, Jake certainly told us how he felt about that in his confessional. “We didn’t have a great relationship, obviously. [We] didn’t have chemistry or any of that stuff, so you know obviously there was conflict throughout, and we should be moving on from each other.”

Jacob gets an apology from Haley

Haley has taken a lot of heat from fans for her part in the demise of their marriage, and Jacob has also been harboring feelings about a comment she made during their tense reunion.

And during their chat over drinks, the 38-year-old confronted his ex-wife about it.

“If I were to tell you on the last day that you were checked out since day one and didn’t try…that’s kinda not cool, right? I mean, that’s just kinda how I feel about it,” explained Jacob.

Haley noted that she doesn’t expect her and Jacob to be “best friends” but acknowledged that they did share a unique experience. And toward the end, the MAFS star even apologized to Jake.

“Not to like defend what I was saying…It’s how I felt in the moment, not that you were not trying, but again I think it just all boils back down to like we have very different communication styles and…at the end of the day, we’re not compatible. But I don’t think that that makes us right or wrong in the situation, just viewing it differently, and I’m sorry if you felt like it was a low blow..”

Ultimately even Jacob had to admit that their meetup went much better than their past interactions.

“This had been a pretty civilized conversation for me and Haley. Hopefully we can continue that,” Jacob expressed.

Do you think Jacob and Haley can become friends after this?

Married at First Sight returns Wednesday, July 21 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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