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MAFS spoilers: Are Haley and Jacob still together or did they get a divorce?

Jacob and Haley started out more awkward than most, are they still together? Pic credit: Lifetime

This season on Married at First Sight, the experts tested one of their largest age gaps yet.

While the experiment based in Atlanta had more drama than most, the best way to describe the pairing of IT consultant Jacob Harder and account executive Haley Harris is awkward.

Awkward was the best way to describe their relationship

When Haley’s friends found out about her future wedding, they were completely shocked because Haley had been notoriously picky in the past regarding her suitors.

Given the nickname ‘always a bridesmaid’, Haley told the experts she was ready for her forever partner despite not being in a committed relationship for a few years.

Getting married to a stranger is always a risk, but these two quickly realized they didn’t have much in common. While Haley would rather collect stamps in her passport, Jacob is the DIY king and spends most of this time renovating his swanky home.

When it came to Jacob, even his own friends hoped he wouldn’t drop too many eighties references too quickly.

The marriage got bumpy on the honeymoon

Things quickly shifted for the worst on their honeymoon. A miscommunication quickly turned into an accusation of her having a boyfriend back at home.

“I have never felt, like, energy just completely cut off,” he told Haley.

Haley revealed she gave the first few days to get to know her new husband and then “started seeing things come out that I didn’t like and that’s why I started pulling away.”

In a counseling session with MAFS expert Dr. Viviana Coles, Haley admitted, “I connect with people so easily, and I just do not.”

It was clear at that point, the connection wasn’t really there.

“In a normal situation, if it were just a dating situation, I would’ve been out,” Haley told producers in a confessional.

While Jacob was trying to change his habits to better fit Haley’s lifestyle, some viewers felt he was changing himself too much.

On social media, fans were torn on whose side they were on. While some viewers felt Haley hasn’t tried at all, others felt it was simply a bad match.

Pic credit: @bmluse/Instagram

Are Haley and Jacob still together?

As for whether Haley and Jacob are still together, it’s really hard to tell.

Haley has managed to keep her social media accounts private during her entire time on Married at First Sight. In Jacob’s case, he doesn’t seem to have social media at all.

Based on what we’ve seen on Married at First Sight so far this season, it would be hard to believe that this mismatch managed to stay together. Further, MAFS rumors seem to suggest that the two have called it quits and we can’t find any proof to suggest that they did not.

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime

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  1. I thought Haley was horrible to Jacob and was shocked her mother backed up her horrible behavior. Geez, how many ways could she rejects Jacob – she wouldn’t hold hands with him, wouldn’t allow him to hug her, wouldn’t wear the bracelet he gave her, slept in another room, and when she sat on the sofa with him she was all crunched up into one corner as far away from Jacob as possible. I don’t think she’d be compatible with many people.


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