MAFS Atlanta: Haley tells Jacob there’s ‘no connection there’

Haley admitted to Pastor Cal the argument pushed any glimmer of a connection back. Pic credit: Lifetime

While some of the couples are dealing with some major drama on this season of Married at First Sight, Haley and Jacob haven’t been able to get past their awkward start.

Haley hasn’t really given the marriage a fair chance, but even Jacob’s friends were afraid he would throw in too many eighties references too quickly.

He felt like she ditched him on the honeymoon

The honeymoon led to a major blow-up between the newly married strangers.

While Haley left for ‘girls night’ with the brides, Jacob happened to walk downstairs catching her having drinks with the other couples.

According to Jacob, the group bolted the other way as soon as they saw him.

Feeling like he was ditched, he throws some hard words towards his new wife and accuses her of having a boyfriend back home.

The trouble only continued on the way home as Haley chose to sit apart from Jacob on the plane.

After hearing Jacob’s story of feeling excluded, Jamie Otis even felt bad and asked for Haley’s side of the story while on the MAFS spin-off Unfiltered.

The 28-year-old explained it started out as a girl’s night, however, Ryan and Eric ended up “tagging along” as they were walking Clara and Virginia downstairs.

When asked if she bolted the other way when she saw him, she admitted she needed a break but said, “absolutely not. I mean, that’s not something I would ever do.”

It didn’t get better once they arrived at their mutual apartment. After a few days of marriage, the two newlyweds were starting the see their differences. Jacob is more touchy feely while Haley admits physical touch comes last when it comes to her love languages.

Haley admitted that the first two days she gave it a chance, but according to her, she started pulling away because she started seeing things she didn’t like. While Jacob tried to compromise with Haley in starting with a hug a day, she felt that was even too much.

Will Haley and Jacob stay together?

Explaining why he accused her of having a boyfriend, Jacob revealed he’s dated girls who were just dating him to make their boyfriends jealous.

“I think from when we had our argument, like, I’ve – I know you’ve apologized and you’ve said that’s not you, but I still feel like there isn’t a connection for me right now,” she told him.

She also admitted she hated his eighties obsession. Even Pastor Cal reminds Jacob that it’s okay for “your wife to design you every now and then.”

Do you think Haley and Jacob have a chance at making their marriage work?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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