Married at First Sight fans think Haley and Jacob are ‘super awkward’

Jacob and Haley tie the know on Married at First Sight.
Jacob and Haley tie the know on Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

The latest season of Married of First Sight is here and the selected participants have finally met and married as strangers. The coronavirus pandemic has altered the experiment (aka the socially distanced weddings), but more than ever, lonely singles are looking to find their forever partner.

Although these carefully paired matches are based on compatibility, spirituality, and common interests, one thing the experts haven’t been able to predict is chemistry.

Fans had initial hopes about newlyweds Haley and Jacob but from their first meeting – it’s not looking too good.

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Haley and Jacob are testing the largest age gap in franchise history

28-year-old Haley has been notoriously picky in the past with partners and went into this union with the mindset of making it work. Jacob is 38 years old and is convinced this may be his last chance at love before 40.

The experts are getting riskier in their matches as Jacob and Haley’s 10-year age gap is the biggest thus far in MAFS history.

While some fans thought this wouldn’t be an issue, Jacob seems very set with the roots he has built in Atlanta. When it comes to Haley, she’d rather see the world and was definitely surprised with the news that her new husband has never left the country.

Fans could feel the awkwardness between the newlyweds

Although Jacob had the urge to kiss his wife, he doesn’t and their wedding night is only filled with more awkwardness. While the conversation was flowing with some newlyweds, that wasn’t the case with Haley and Jacob.

Speaking of awkward matches, fans were quick to compare this relationship to last season’s failed match – Henry and Christina.

When talking to Haley’s friends, Jacob can’t stop talking about all the DIY projects he completed. Complete with a beach, sauna, and jacuzzi, it’s clear he’s proud of the ‘player pad’ he created.

However, when it comes to Haley – she’s used to being away and informs him how she usually misses at least one holiday a year due to travel.

One viewer thinks Haley and Jake do not share common interests. Pic credit: @PortiaJay/Twitter

In the teaser for the remainder of the season, Jacob is heard accusing Haley, “You are acting like you’ve been seeing somebody else or something.”

The next shot shows a tearful Haley telling Dr. Viviana, “I connect with people so easily.”

Do you think Jacob and Haley will be able to get past the awkwardness and make their marriage work?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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