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MAFS Atlanta: Jacob reveals the one thing he wouldn’t give up for his new wife

Jacob has one deal-breaker when it comes to his new wife. Pic credit: Lifetime

Getting Married at First Sight is high-risk because it’s clear – the experts aren’t likely going to find someone that checks every box.

This season, the social experiment takes on Atlanta, and the experts are making riskier matches than ever.

In the case of Jacob and Haley, they’ll have one of the biggest age gaps in franchise history.

While Haley is 28, her new partner is approaching 40 and he is afraid this may be his last chance at love.

Jacob reveals his one deal-breaker

Before finally meeting his new wife, his friend, Brett asks, “So what are you uh, worried about? Is there any deal-breakers or something that would make you have second thoughts or regrets?”

When it comes to his new life partner, there was one thing that Jacob would not accept.

“Hopefully she likes dogs,” he replied. “If she doesn’t like dogs, that could be rough because I’m not giving up any of my dogs.”

Lucky for him, his future bride was in her room preparing her pup Sophie for the wedding.

Will Jacob and Haley stay together?

Fans aren’t so sure if Haley has feelings for her new computer programmer husband.

Even his own friends worry that he’ll throw in too many 80’s references too soon.

When asked if she was “ready for his nerdiness,” she nervously shook her head.

While other couples’ instant chemistry shined through while taking wedding photos, the slow kisses made Haley uncomfortable in front of all her friends and family.

When asked by producers, “What’s the favorite thing that you like about your husband so far?”

“Oh um yeah… I don’t know,” she answers while trying to laugh it off.

While at the reception, Haley tells her new husband about her love of travel and how she’s been to six countries in the last year.

“I just got my passport,” the 38-year-old informed his new wife.

Jacob would rather spend his days in the house he can’t stop talking about – the DIY enthusiast has created a pad complete with a pool, sauna, and man-made beach.

While there is some awkwardness, Haley feels positive about how everything has gone so far, and ideally, in time, they’ll find out why they were matched to be married.

Do you think Jacob and Haley will make it work?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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