Here’s where Married at First Sight Atlanta couples are spending their honeymoon due to the coronavirus pandemic

The shows will look a little different this season due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pic credit: Lifetime

No super romantic, exotic honeymoon for this year’s newly matched Married at First Sight couples.

Season 12 takes the social experiment to Atlanta and brings 10 new singles to get married as total strangers.

While last season the new pairs connected over paddleboarding and romantic ocean views, these newlyweds are headed to sin city.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed things this season

From socially distanced weddings to video call interviews, the coronavirus pandemic has kept the production team on their feet.

Due to COVID-19, one of the biggest blows to the newly married couples is no honeymoon trip to a beautiful beachside location.

In past years, the couples have visited major tourist destinations like Panama and Mexico. This time around, however, the couples will be skipping the cross-continental trip and taking a flight to sunny Nevada.

The honeymoon is an important milestone for any pair of newlyweds. However, for Married at First Sight participants, there’s an added level of pressure to find that certain spark with each other, which is generally done while on their honeymoon in a romantic location.

Fans aren’t sure about the matches this season

The weddings haven’t happened yet but fans are already doubting the expert’s choices.


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For the first time, the experiment includes a participant that’s been married before.

New pair Haley and Jacob are a major topic as fans can’t agree if a 10 year age gap is too much to work successfully in the experiment.

Chris and Paige are another couple that viewers aren’t so sure about.

Individually both have been very successful and expressed a huge desire to start a family.

However, the red flags started to show once Chris revealed that he was engaged only 3 months prior.

While most of these pairs look great on paper, the real test comes when they finally meet at the altar.  Not only will these couples try to make a marriage work, but they have the additional obstacle of trying to do it during a pandemic.

Do you think the couples matched some lasting relationships this season?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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