Married at First Sight update: How many couples are still married and who are they?

Jamie, Doug, Ashley and Anthony.
These MAFS couples have avoided divorce. Pic credit: Lifetime

Lifetime’s Married at First Sight has come a long way in the 11 seasons since it first aired.

The latest experiment takes the experts back to Atlanta to try their luck with new love matches.

The fresh take on arranged marriage pairs compatible singles in the hope of finding their soulmates. The participants take the risk of a lifetime, hoping it ends in a forever commitment.

While that isn’t always the case, it has worked for some lucky couples.

With the addition of our newly paired New Orleans couples, it makes 12 couples in the franchise who are still together.

Thes are the couples that are still together.

Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner

Pic credit: Lifetime

Jamie and Doug are the unofficial first couple of the show. First making their debut on the premiere season of the franchise, this is the couple who first made fans believe in the social experiment.

Ashley Petta and Anthony D’Amico

Pic credit: @ashleypetta/Instagram

Although fans were worried that Anthony may be a little too goofy for Ashley, the two adjusted well to a life together. The newlyweds connected over a strong bond to family and were excited to eventually start their own.

Since leaving the show, the couple has welcomed two beautiful daughters and they are expecting one more this year.

Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre

Pic credit: @yessstyles_/Instagram

Shawniece and Jephte were a couple who had to put in more work to make their marriage successful. While Jephte was more on the reserved side, Shawniece came out full speed, surprising him with a lap dance at the wedding.

Since leaving the show, the first anniversary of their marriage also brought their new daughter Laura.

Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd

Pic credit: @dodds_r_us/Instagram

It took a long time for this couple to find something to fight about. Meeting on Season 7 in Dallas, the two clicked instantly and it was obvious these two were going to say yes on Decision Day.

The couple recently welcomed their second child Robert Elvin Dodd IV in December 2020.

Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar

Pic credit: @kay_kills/Instagram

Keith and Kristine first appeared on the season based in Philadelphia. Keith had some set gender roles in his head, but Kristine made sure to communicate that the household responsibilities were to be shared.

These two were worried that they were in a “happy period,” but it seemed to have lasted as these two continue to be happily married.

Stephanie Sersen and AJ Vollmoeller

Pic credit: @phillysteph/Instagram

Although AJ may be a lot for most people, Stephanie knows how to deal with her opinionated husband.

He may be outspoken, but Stephanie holds her ground when necessary. She asked for a travel partner and that’s exactly what the experts gave her.

Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeill

Pic credit: @deonna.mcneill/Instagram

Deonna had one of the most unique problems on MAFS — she felt her husband complimented her too much. The couple continues to keep fans entertained on Couples Cam with their fertility yoga and aphrodisiac dinners.

They recently announced they are expecting their first child in 2021.

Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson

Pic credit: @justbeth___/Instagram

At first, fans weren’t so sure that Jamie could tame Beth’s fiery personality. However, Jamie could hold his own, and fans saw on the show that Beth might’ve met her match.

Since the show wrapped, the couple has moved to California together and continue to be parents to their furbabies.

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd from Married at First Sight Season 10
Pic credit: @jessica_studer2/Instagram

These two were the only successful couple to come out of the season based in Washington D.C. Their easy-going personalities mended well together and they didn’t argue about much.

Their biggest problem was that his job required him to travel and this would leave her alone for extended periods of time. In the end, it worked out for these newlyweds and they are in the process of buying a home together.

Woody Randall and Amani Rashid-Smith

Pic credit: Lifetime

Fans fell in love with Woody and Amani immediately. The couple looked natural on their wedding day and fans predicted they would be the first of their season to have a baby.

They had a strong physical connection but ultimately waited to get intimate until their emotional foundation caught up.

Amelia Fatsi and Bennett Kirschner

Pic credit: @ameliafatsi/Instagram

This couple was the first in MAFS history to have met prior to walking down the aisle. It was easy for these two to build a life on top of the instant chemistry they shared.

From his tiny house to her unique style, these two were unapologetically themselves and it worked.

Karen Landry and Miles Williams

Pic credit: Lifetime

This is the couple that proved most fans wrong. While some fans thought Karen was being too cold toward her new husband, only the experts knew that Miles had enough patience to deal with it.

Who is your favorite Married at First Sight couple?

Married at First Sight Season 12 premieres on Wednesday, January 13 at 8/7c on Lifetime.

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4 months ago

Actually now 11 of 64–a whopping 17% success rate–suggesting just exactly how “expert” are Cal and Pepper. Their inability to recognize major red flags in at least several of their carefully chosen candidates out of each group and to massively miss obvious hard-no differences in their couples are astonishing. They could do better throwing darts at a board blindfolded. Since couples that get married in the standard way are able to stay together at a bit less than 60% rate, going on MFS is pretty close to a death warrant for a relationship. Fortunately there is no shortage of people for whom the money and “fame” are enough to get them through 2 months (or a little more)–and no shortage of viewers who enjoy hanging around car wrecks to see who dies.