MAFS Atlanta spoilers: Here’s who stayed together and who got divorced on Decision Day

Which couples from Atlanta remain married? Pic credit: Lifetime

Married at First Sight is back and has taken over the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

The coronavirus pandemic has made it impossible to date and hopeful singles are looking for the experts’ help in finding their life partner.

During the latest episode in the series, the newly-matched pairs officially met and married. After weeks of questionnaires, home visits, and meetings with the panel experts, they finally met the person they were deemed very compatible with.

Now that the weddings have aired, the spoilers have started.

In typical fashion, Instagram account @mafsfan has released predictions regarding this season’s newlyweds.

This is your chance to stop looking before you find out who reportedly stays married this season, and it’s probably not who you think it is.

Briana and Vincent: Stayed together

Pic credit: Lifetime

This one was easy to predict. Fans hoped this couple would stay together and they were right! Vincent’s calm demeanor makes him easy to get along with, and just the person picky Briana needed.

One of the few obstacles the couple will face is the fact that ideally, Briana was looking for someone who made more money than her. Being a successful engineer, Briana brings in the big bucks.

This season she’ll realize that having a patient person in her life is worth more than any salary.

Clara and Ryan: Stayed together

Pic credit: Lifetime

Clara and Ryan were another couple that most fans felt would stay together. Both had big personalities, so the experts felt they wouldn’t overshadow each other.

Clara’s biggest worry was that Ryan has never told anyone that he loved them before. She’s scared that he may never get to that point with her.

Virginia and Erik: Stayed together

Pic credit: Lifetime

This one might be a shock for some. For some, the Air Force pilot seemed set in his ways and came off as way too much of a homebody for his new wife.

Virginia wanted someone who wouldn’t stop the party but would join it. While fans criticized her drinking, their connection was genuine, and they shared the most instant comfortability on their wedding day.

Paige and Chris: Divorced

Pic credit: Lifetime

No surprise here. Although fans wanted the best for Paige, Chris seemed too much for most people. Although he was God-fearing as she hoped, Chris came with a lot of baggage.

The first red flag was him revealing that he had been engaged only a few months prior. The teaser for this season proves that he will be dealing with “a kid on the way,” and rumor has it that it isn’t Paige who is pregnant.

Haley and Jacob: Divorced

Pic credit: Lifetime

The best way to describe this match was awkward. Haley wanted a partner to see the world with while Jacob couldn’t stop talking about the home he built for himself.

Even his own friends hoped he wouldn’t drop too many 80’s references on his new wife too soon.

Who is your favorite couple from this season?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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