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MAFS Atlanta: One husband calls his new wife the one he ‘needed not wanted’

Chris and Paige are the latest pairing to take the risk and get married as strangers. Pic credit: Lifetime

It’s time for the expertly matched participants to finally meet and get married on this season of Married of First Sight.

Besides mentioning his ex multiple times during their first conversation, fans have mixed feelings on the pairing of finance manager Chris Williams and accountant Paige Banks.

While Chris thought he would impress Paige with the investment home he’s closing on soon, Paige informs him that she already has an investment property that she’s already making an income from.

Chris tells Paige’s bridesmaid that she isn’t a “trophy wife”

Leave it up to Paige’s bridesmaids to start getting the information needed for their friend.

They dove deep into her new husband’s dating history and questioned him about his recent engagement.

“What are the type of women you’re used to?” Paige’s bridesmaid Nancy asks.

“Opposite of Paige. The real ritzy girls, pretty girls. You frontin everything, you paying for everything type thing,” he tries to explain. “Like trophy wives.”

Defending her friend, Nancy replies, “Paige is a trophy wife, like that’s out the box, but -.”

“I don’t think she’s a trophy wife,” Chris says while interrupting Nancy.

It’s clear Chris wasn’t used to dealing with women that were at his level. With his new wife Paige, she may be even more successful than him.

Digging himself further into a hole, he says, “Paige, she is probably the woman that I need, but not the woman that I wanted.”

In his interview with producers, he confesses, “I’m not 100% attracted to her. Like when I saw her initially, it was like oh f*** this is different from what I’m used to.”

The match looked good on paper but according to Chris, “Marriage is more than just careers and money.”

Paige’s interaction with Chris’ father was awkward

Not only do the participants meet their new partners at their wedding, but they also get to meet their new in-laws.

Paige got to know her new father-in-law, Christopher Sr. in what fans call a super awkward interaction.

What started out as a nice conversation with Chris’ mother advising the new couple on how to communicate, ended with his father coaching Paige on how to be intimate with his son.

Fans felt the second-hand embarrassment as his father lectured her on what type of intimacy his son required.

“This is the master key for him. Working the hours that he work, when he comes home – he’s exhausted, he wants the touch of his wife. He wants to be intimate with his wife,” his father explained. “And he don’t want that to be once a month but he wants it to be once you understand and grow together – he wants it to be pretty consistent, you know?” 

Not only did Chris’ father pressure her about sex, but Chris also wasn’t too shy to ask her about it either. From asking if she had a high sex drive to if she was on birth control, he definitely didn’t shy away from the questions he had.

While most fans are hoping for the best for Paige, from the looks of this season – her journey isn’t going to be easy.

Do you think Chris and Paige will stay married at the end of the season?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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