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MAFS Atlanta: Briana’s father tells Vincent what he expects from his new son-in-law

Vincent prepares to marry Briana. Pic credit: Lifetime

This season of Married at First Sight brings new singles from Atlanta to try their luck with a new take on arranged marriage.

28 year-old engineer Briana seemed very particular in her preferences but the experts believed Vincent was the gentle and patient partner she needed.

Vincent had previously described himself as “too nice” but he hopes that one day he’ll have the woman who deserves it. 

Promising to be the husband Briana deserved at the wedding, he brought tears with his vows to the friends and family of his new wife. 

Briana’s father let Vincent know what he expects from his new son-in-law

For these newlyweds, not only do they meet their new partner at the wedding – but they inherit a whole new family. 

Briana was definitely impressed by the appearance of her new husband, but it was her father who dove deep to find out what kind of man his daughter had just married. 

Briana’s dad, Myron, admitted he had initially been standoffish, but it was because he was protective. 

At the wedding, Vincent lets her father know that he is someone that takes marriage very seriously and he plans on doing whatever it takes to make his daughter happy. 

“For me, as a father, all I expect is somebody who works hard because I know she’s going to work hard for you,” Myron told his new son in conversation. 

Giving his seal of approval, he told Vincent, “I look forward to you growing together and supporting one another. Anytime you want to call me or you just want to reach out to me, I’m always here. I’m Dad. You can do that.”

Will Briana and Vincent stay married after Decision Day? 

When it comes to their professional lives, Briana has built an amazing lifestyle as a young engineer. Spending her days wearing hardhats on construction sites, she wanted someone she could crawl in next to when she got home.

In her interviews, she expressed to the experts that she hoped her future partner would make more money than her.

When it comes to Vincent, he is an entrepreneur slowly taking his blossoming auto business off the ground. 

Vincent’s previous relationship failed because his partner didn’t support his goals and looked down on him for not having a degree.

This new couple is definitely a fan-favorite and viewers hope they can understand why they were matched.

Do you think Briana and Vincent will stay married after Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.


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