MAFS Atlanta: Clara’s exes would describe her as ‘absolutely nuts’

Clara hasn’t had a lot of luck in the last few months when it comes to dating. Pic credit: Lifetime

This week we watched Clara meet Ryan for the first time on the latest season of Married at First Sight.

Although they just met, they made the commitment of a lifetime and vowed ’til death do us part’ in front of their closest friends and families.

Walking down the aisle on just the expert’s recommendation, the participants of the social experiment are hoping these love matches end in successful marriages.

Clara’s exes would describe her as ‘absolutely nuts’

Prior to getting matched to be married, Clara felt the last 6 months she was getting dumped left and right. Blaming hook-up culture, she feels most men she comes in contact with aren’t looking for anything serious.

In a recent Unfiltered episode with Jamie Otis, Clara admits her exes would probably describe her as “absolutely nuts.”

When Jamie first asks the question, Clara nervously laughs while saying, “Oh god.”

In her defense, she says “crazy means you care” so hopefully it will work with the partner she’s matched up with.

She blames her failed relationships on her being a “people pleaser.” Instead of putting her needs first, she feels miserable after giving too much to her partner.

Ryan and Clara have already captivated fans

We’re only two episodes into this season but fans have high hopes that this match will be able to make a marriage work.

With the instant chemistry at the alter along combined with Ryan’s thoughtfulness for his new wife, fans are guessing this couple will stay together after decision day.

His vows at the altar definitely got some MAFS fans in their feelings.

At the altar, after pulling out his folded notes, he vowed, “While you weren’t there in the physical, you were there in my heart and you were in my mind. You’ve been part of me more than you realize today. That place in my heart that I’ve reserved is here for you today to see, and for me to give you that piece of me.”

From a highly intimate honeymoon to moving in together, the experiment is meant to put the new relationship on fast forward and get the participants to see what married life could be like when it ends.

Do you think Ryan and Clara will stay together after Decision Day?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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