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MAFS Atlanta: Everything you need to know about Erik’s first wife

Erik is the first divorcee on the US version of Married at First Sight. Pic credit: Lifetime

The Married at First Sight experts are trying something different this season. The brand-new season based in Atlanta brings the franchise’s first divorcee.

While the Australian variation of the show has made this milestone, now it’s the US’s turn.

The weddings have started and fans watched newly paired ‘Ms. Fun-Loving’ Virginia and ‘Mr. Flying Solo’ Erik meet each other at the altar for the first time.

Although fans had early concerns about this match, the new couple shared an instant comfortability that was clearly shown when shooting their wedding photos.

Who is Erik’s first wife?

The 34-year-old revealed that his divorce happened about three years ago and getting married in general was more of a formality.

Right before the ceremony, Erik’s friend asks him, “Even though this is your second wedding, does it feel like your first?”

“Yeah, I mean, this is my first wedding, man,” Erik replies. “I mean, that whole scenario you know,  previously – it was just a document. It was just so she can stay with me, you know, military-wise. So it’s a completely different scenario with this.”

Erik’s background is in the Air Force and used marriage mainly as a method for his partner to be able to stay with him.

“I’ve never even wore a ring, like nothing,” he continues.

There was no wedding, no ring, and no vows in front of family, so at least Virginia can take happiness in that fact this is his first time with the full experience.

As for her identity, no other details have been revealed and it’s unclear if she’ll be further mentioned on the show.

Will Erik and Virginia stay married?

Along with being married before, this couple has one of the bigger age gaps of the new matches. While usually, this wouldn’t be a huge issue, fans think Virginia’s love for nightlife may be too much for Erik’s lowkey lifestyle.

When it comes to Virginia describing her ideal partner, she said, “I want to continue partying and do what I want when I get married. I just want him to add to it.”

However, time and time again, Erik harps on the fact that he’s more on the conservative traditional side.

At least when it comes to attraction to his new bride, he says, “She’s absolutely gorgeous. She definitely would be someone I walk up to and try to hit on whatever- I’m not a big dude like that, you know, but I would be interested in her.”

Erik has been down this path before and is hopeful for the future, “I understand being married and what comes with that.”

He plans on doing everything to make it work the second time around.

Do you think Erik and Virginia will still be together at the end of the experiment?

Married at First Sight airs on Wednesdays at 8/7c pm on Lifetime.

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