Kody Brown insists that Sister Wives is not scripted

Kody Brown insists that Sister Wives is not scripted
Kody Brown dismisses the idea that Sister Wives is scripted. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown and his four brides on Sister Wives have had a tough season.

Each week, fans watch as the family fights and bickers, with relationships seemingly destroyed only for them to remain together to fight another day.

However, when answering the accusation that Sister Wives is scripted, Kody Brown shot that down quickly.

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Kody Brown talks Sister Wives being scripted

Someone on Twitter posted that they were glad that Maddie shared her pregnancy on Sister Wives because the house drama was getting old.

“So thankful Maddie is sharing her pregnancy because we are all dead dog tired of the house buying/selling drama. Ugh.”

Kody Brown responded to the comment.

“We are not scripted….maybe I’m manipulated…hmmm? But I digress…. We show the S/;# that is happening to us, even sometimes when it is boring.”

Of course, it isn’t that it is boring. It is that it is repetitive this entire season. It seems like every episode was the Sister Wives family arguing about their new houses.

Sister Wives season updates

This season of Sister Wives featured many of the fights from the wives and Kody about his idea for the One House living arrangements.

Kody felt that the family would be better served in one house with four wings — each wife living in one. The majority of the wives wanted to live in their own houses, and that did not go over well with Kody, who always believes his ideas are the best.

This also led to one of the biggest fights of the season. Kody Brown and Robyn Brown got into it when he wanted her to buy a new house, away from everyone else, instead of renting one until they could get close houses built by each other.

Kody Brown even hinted that he would be okay with dissolving his marriage to Robyn Brown if she didn’t agree to his way of thinking. It is Kody’s way or the highway in his marriages, it seems.

The biggest drama came this season with Meri Brown. She and Kody both admitted their relationship is over, but the big news is that she won’t leave for the sake of the kids.

The Sister Wives family is also dealing with social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic, and they are meeting up in video chats instead of in person. This probably won’t play out in future seasons — if there are more seasons — as TLC has yet to renew the series.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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3 years ago

Well, I have binge watching during the COVID “lockdown”, since I only came in about the time that Aspyn was getting married, and I totally believe this…you just CAN’T script most of what I have seen!! I hope the Browns come back for season 15…LOVE the show!! Janelle is the coolest person and I have changed my mind so much while watching…learned a lot and totally sympathize with the Browns! I have always liked Robyn the least, and that opinion hasn’t changed…she is too whiny, cries when she doesn’t get her way, cries for just about everything…so annoying, and acts like she is due most of Kody’s attention AND has always just tried “too hard” to fit on!!