Is Sister Wives renewed or canceled for Season 15?

Is there going to be a Season 15 for Sister Wives?
Sister Wives Season 14 just finished, but fans already want another season. Pic credit: TLC

Sister Wives just finished up Season 14, which was not the most well-liked season of the hit TLC show. However, that hasn’t stopped fans from wondering if Sister Wives has been renewed or canceled for Season 15.

The series follows Kody Brown, his four wives, and their 18 children. It has been praised and criticized over the years for its frank, blunt and honest portrayal of polygamy.

TLC endured a lot of backlash from people who disagreed with the network for promoting a lifestyle that doesn’t believe in the sanctity of marriage.

Despite the controversy surrounding the concept of the reality TV series, Sister Wives has managed to find a loyal fanbase.

TLC’s back and forth Sister Wives support

TLC has wavered in its support of the show. Sister Wives was almost canceled after Season 11. However, star Kody Brown took a significant pay cut to help lower the cost of making the reality TV show. The network agreed and has aired three seasons since considering axing the show.

The past season Kody complained a lot about finances. If the Brown family is struggling financially, it could mean a couple of things for the show. First, Kody will probably fight for another season of Sister Wives.

Second, Kody’s financial need and desire to keep the show on-air could work in TLC’s favor. Similar to the near cancelation of Season 1, a pay cut could help make the show more profitable for the network.

Sister Wives canceled or renewed for Season 15?

The Season 14 finale of Sister Wives aired on Sunday, April 12. However, TLC has yet to renew or cancel the reality TV series, and it could be a while before fans know the fate of the show.

Although Sister Wives has a loyal fanbase, viewers have agreed the past few seasons have been blah at best. The Brown family has not been as entertaining as it was to fans when the series first premiered.

Plus, there is the question of how long can a series that features a man with multiple wives continue to be on air in today’s #MeToo cultural climate? Viewers no longer tolerate misogamist behavior by men.

The coronavirus outbreak is also prolonging the fate of the show. Television production has been shut down until further notice. The financial impact of the shutdown for TLC and other networks remains to be seen. It will no doubt play a part in the decision to keep or ax Sister Wives.

Do you think Sister Wives should be renewed or canceled?

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Teresa Rudy
Teresa Rudy
4 years ago


4 years ago

Renew it. I have invested my time in the family since day one. Can’t leave me hanging regarding the lot and what they do with it, what does Meri do and how Maddie’s baby is doing. Too many unanswered questions.

Bonnie Warehime
Bonnie Warehime
4 years ago

Renew it. But catch up closer to actual start date. Not two years from actual date. This is one show on TLC that I look forward to on Sunday .Can’t stand those other shows and don’t watch them.

4 years ago

Renew just make it more exciting again not so blah