Kody and Christine Brown celebrate their anniversary during coronavirus quarantine: Here’s what the Sister Wives’ stars did

Sister Wives
Christine Brown just celebrated her anniversary in isolation. Pic credit: TLC

Kody Brown and his Sister Wives are all in quarantine, and as they recently announced, they only see each other in video chats as they remain isolated.

This is tough since there are four wives and 18 children. For a family that preaches closeness, that is not a good thing in their dynamic.

It is even worse for Christine Brown, as she and Kody had their wedding anniversary during the coronavirus pandemic and lockdown.

Kody and Christine anniversary

This year marked the 26th wedding anniversary for Kody Brown and Christine Brown.

While in any other year, it might mean a night out at a nice restaurant or something similar to celebrate the occasion, this pandemic has made that impossible.

Us Weekly reports that Kody and Christine celebrated uniquely this year due to the restrictions.

They made home renovations in quarantine.

Christine said they planned to add a door in the house to turn the upstairs from a giant loft into separate rooms.

She said that she and Kody went to the hardware store “following social distancing rules,” and they didn’t have what they wanted. They had to order it instead.

“So we had a Home Depot date. Then we made one of our favorite dinners and ate with the girls and played games.”

Christine talks about her marriage

While Meri is estranged from Kody and he said she isn’t who he thought she was, it seems he is on great terms with Christine.

Christine said that people need to have a purpose in their lives every day and that is how families can reconnect. She said this also helps during this difficult time of self-isolation and quarantine.

“If our purpose is family and communication then we’ll find new ways to do that, even if we can’t have face-to-face communication.”

She mentioned how the family is spread out, and they can’t even see each other right now. As Kody said, there is no “normal life” for his family anymore, and they don’t even talk about anything but the kids.

Christine mentioned that she is doing a lot of cross-stitching and crochet and is teaching her daughters how to do it as well. She also makes her own face moisturizer now, so she has less she needs to leave the house to get from a store.

Janelle mentioned things might be better if they did the One House idea because they would all be together right now in that situation.

Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10/9c on TLC.

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