Kate Chastain opens up about pressure of filming Below Deck

Kate Chastain spills pressure of filming Below Deck for six seasons.
Not much fazes Kate Chastain but having cameras in her face 24/7 did cause her stress. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has opened up about the pressure of filming Below Deck for six seasons.

If anyone knows the ins and outs of the Bravo show, it is Kate, well, and Captain Lee Rosbach.

The former chief stew has never been shy about speaking her mind or telling her story. Kate recently shared her biggest Below Deck regrets and the hilarious moments cameras didn’t capture.

Now the Bravo’s Chat Room star has spilled another Below Deck behind the scenes secret.

Below Deck is difficult to film

The tight quarters on a mega-yacht can present a filming challenge. Cameras are placed all over the yacht to help eliminate some of the small space issues.

Bosun Eddie Lucas recently spilled that there were only two areas crew members could find privacy.

Kate echoed what Eddie said, claiming if a camera isn’t placed on a wall or ceiling, then a person with a camera will follow all crewmembers. Having a cameraman right behind a crew member doesn’t help the space issues, especially since stairways and hallways on mega-yachts can be narrow.

The former chief stew used Twitter to declare Below Deck “one of the most difficult shows out there for cast members.”

All work all the time

Even though the crew members get a night off yachting in between charters, they are still working because of filming. Not having any downtime causes a lot of pressure, according to the former chief stew.

“There’s no time when you’re done working in both yachting and on the show because at all times you’re being filmed. And all times, you have to stay on call in case if there’s any boat emergency,” Kate shared with In Touch magazine.

The Below Deck Galley Talk host also said having cameras in your face 24/7 puts a lot of pressure on the crew.

“I think the fact that we are filmed 24/7 when doing Below Deck, for example. Even when we’re going to sleep at night, there are cameras in your room. If you go to the bathroom, you can hear the camera going and following you. So, that definitely adds to the stress,” she stated.

Even when crew members are on a break, it is not a relaxing one because of filming. Kate also dished that even on breaks, the crew must stay alert in case of an emergency or some other drama goes down.

Kae Chastain gets real about the pressure of filming Below Deck, which is different than other reality TV shows.

Unlike say the Real Housewives franchise, where the women film on a specific schedule, Below Deck cameras are filming all day and night. Plus, in the Below Deck franchise, cast members are crew members doing a job on a yacht creating a different show dynamic.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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