Kate Chastain spills hilarious crew moments Below Deck cameras missed

Below Deck: Kate Chastain spills secrets of Bravo show
Kate shares some of her favorite Below Deck memories that were not caught on camera. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has revealed some hilarious crew moments that Below Deck cameras missed during her stint on the Bravo show.

Six seasons on Below Deck gave Kate plenty of memories, good and bad. The Bravo personality has never been shy about spilling details regarding the yachting show. Well, as long as she didn’t get in trouble with the network.

Rhylee and Kate’s nighttime adventure

One moment the cameras didn’t catch, but producers did, was Kate sneaking out with Rhylee for a night on the town in Thailand.

The former chief stew dished the memory in a video interview with In Touch magazine.

“I think there are some nights out when the camera and production crew had a day off, and we are, like, told to stay home,” Kate revealed with the magazine. “Rhylee Gerber and I may have snuck out in Thailand. And we got in big trouble because when we went out, we saw the production crew there, and they were like, ‘Go home.’ We were escorted home.”

Sleeping in a closet

It is no secret that privacy is hard to come by on Below Deck. Eddie Lucas recently shared where couples can hook up without cameras watching.

Kate has also shared a secret to securing a little private time while filming the Bravo show.

“After big nights out, the next day was to turn over the boat and get ready for the next charter,” she said. “We were tired. So most often, what I would do is go into the master stateroom, which has the largest closets, and I would sleep in the closet. I would take a pillow and get in the closet and sleep.”

The Bravo personality didn’t always get away with sleeping in the closet. Kate recalled the time a cameraman caught her because production couldn’t find her.

Crew bonding moments

Kate admitted the cameras miss some moments because the show films basically nonstop for six weeks. The production team can’t catch everything that goes down on the mega-yachts.

One wild moment fans would have loved to see but the cameras missed was Kate dressing up Kelley Johnson and Nico Scholly as The Village People. They were referred to as The Valor People and did a dance routine, which Kate called “really cute.”

Kate Chastain may no longer be a Below Deck crew member, but she has fond memories of her time on the show. The Below Deck Galley Talk co-host loves to dish those moments viewers have never seen.

Hopefully, the former chief stew keeps those juicy details coming because fans can’t get enough of them.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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