Eddie Lucas shares best place for Below Deck crew members to hook up without cameras

Below Deck's Eddie Lucas talk hooking up on show.
Thanks to Eddie, the laundry room is no longer the place for Below Deck crew members to get busy. Pic credit: Bravo

Eddie Lucas has shared the best place for Below Deck crew members to hook up without cameras watching.

Signing on to Below Deck means forgoing all privacy and agreeing to have cameras follow cast members in every room. It makes getting a little loving hard but not impossible.

Some crew members do not care about the cameras and hook up in the bunks.

Tanner Sterback and Simone Mashile are one of many duos who have gotten busy despite having a camera in the room. It happens nearly every single season on the hit Bravo show.

Known places for crew to have a little bit of privacy

The guest cabins are always an option if crew members get permission. Although, as Jessica More learned, thanks to her rendezvous with Robert Westergaard, the microphones catch everything. They were not seen getting busy, but boy was Jessica heard!

Another great spot was the laundry room, but thanks to Eddie, that now has cameras. In Season 3 of Below Deck, Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota and Eddie embarked on a fling despite having a girlfriend back home. They would meet for intimate private moments in the laundry.

The next season, cameras were added to the laundry area, marking it off the list of private places to hook up.

Eddie shares the best place to hook up

Eddie opened up at a Your Encore event about privacy on the yacht while filming. The best place for getting busy, he shared, is the shower.

“The best place is, as always, is in your own bathroom,” he said. “In the shower, in the bathroom.”

Fans know the bathroom doesn’t have any cameras. Some cast members use the bathroom to change clothes since crew cabins have cameras.

The bosun also spilled some other areas that do not have cameras and will ensure privacy but aren’t as easily accessible as the bathroom.

“Like down in the anchor locker. There’s no cameras down there. There’s still a lot of places where there’s no cameras. You just gotta know where to look. Production is not that sneaky,” Eddie shared.

Below Deck viewers can count on crew members hooking up at some point during the season. Crew relationships, affairs, and sexual escapades are one reason fans keep tuning into the show. Well, that and, of course, the drama the hookups bring to the crew.

Season 8 of Below Deck has yet to have a crew interlude but based on the upcoming preview, James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini just might break that streak.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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