Below Deck Galley Talk crew spills best and worst parts of charter

What is the best and worst part of Below Deck charters?
Kate and Connie are two Below Deck Galley Talk cast members who spill charter secrets. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Galley Talk crew has spilled the best and worst parts of a charter on the newest Below Deck spin-off show.

Below Deck has a new member of the family consisting of a limited series with former alums dishing Season 8. It instantly became a hit with fans thanks to some secrets the group revealed.

Plus, viewers were taken on a trip down memory lane as the cast reminisced about their own seasons.

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The show was filmed virtually, pairing two cast members up to encourage more fun banter while watching the episode.

The worst part of a charter

Below Deck crew members have seen it all on the show. Season 8 alone has featured over the top charter guests with outlandish demands and chef Rachel Hargrove cursing at Captain Lee Rosbach.

There was even some docking drama that got the Below Deck Galley Talk crew talking. It turns out that it can be one of the worst parts of a charter.

Kate Chastain balked to former deckhand Connie Arias that the deck crew makes docking “so dramatic.” Connie expressed the anchor tangles, and that can be very bad for the yacht.

Below Deck Med alum Bobby Giancola and Below Deck alum Kelly Johnson revealed docking gives the deck team such anxiety. The deckhands also shared it can be the worst part of the charter.

The best part of a charter

Colin Macy-O-Toole and Julia d’ Albert Pusey quickly revealed that dropping off the guests will always be the best part of a charter. Julia shared guests sometimes express their sadness over leaving the charter, but the crew doesn’t feel the same way.

“So sad, it’s like see ya later,” Julia laughed.

Even if the crew is fond of the guests, which happens more often than viewers might think, drop off day still rules.


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Stew Amy Johnson remarked that primary Bryan Guarnieri gushing over his group’s experience is what makes the crew’s long hours and dramatics worth it. Kate joked she wanted to stalk Bryan so she could become friends with his group.

The tip meeting can be either on the best or worst list regarding a charter. It all depends on the tip amount and what occurred during the trip. If the tip was low and the crew gets scolded by the captain, that makes the meeting not so great.

Fans can expect more juicy Below Deck tidbits from Below Deck Galley Talk. The limited series will air for the next seven weeks.

Below Deck Galley Talk airs Fridays at 7/6c on Bravo.

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