How much does a Below Deck charter cost?

What is the cost of a Below Deck charter?
Guests have to fork over a nice chunk of change for a Below Deck charter. Pic credit: Bravo

How much does a Below Deck charter cost? It is a question fans have been asking for the past eight seasons of the hit Bravo show.

Now that the yachting show has added Below Deck Mediterranean and Below Deck Sailing Yacht into the mix, viewers are obsessed with the franchise. Fans can’t get enough of the drama, boatmances, and the over the top charter guests with their crazy demands.

As fans become more addicted to Below Deck, one question always seems to be on their minds — the cost of a charter.

Below Deck charter cost

According to Distractify, Below Deck guests can expect to vacation on luxury yachts 150 to 160 feet long with exquisite guest quarters and multiple decks.

The Below Deck crew caters to the guest’s every need, from service to food and ensuring the guests have fun water toys to play on. There are also multiple excursions and party requests that have to be met.

It costs the guests a pretty penny to ensure they are taken care of in the entitled manner each group is used to. My Seanna is the yacht featured on Season 8, and online reports estimate it costs around $300,000 per week to rent.

Below Deck guests get a discount

Since the charters on Below Deck are either two or three days, as opposed to seven days, guests are given a discount on the yacht rental.

Below Deck producer and creator Mark Cronin has confirmed that guests on the Bravo show pay for their own charters. There are no free rides just to be on the reality TV show.

Mark spilled that since the charters are shorter and guests are filmed, groups receive a 50% discount on charters. Now that means between the rental price and crew tip, guests are still paying a nice chunk of change for a few days in paradise.


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There has been speculation that Bravo pays guests to be on the show. However, that has never been confirmed, nor has if the crew gets paid by Bravo.

The luxury boats often receive a different name for production purposes too. For example, Below Deck Season 2 yacht Ohana was actually named Rhino. Plus, Below Deck Med Season 5 yacht The Wellington’s name is really The Wellesley.

Fans have lots of questions regarding Below Deck, including the amount of money the crew makes, charter costs, and the show’s authenticity.

While a lot of information has been uncovered, Bravo works hard to keep details private. It is a reality TV show, after all.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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