Below Deck: Who is new deckhand Robert Phillips?

Rob Phillips is the newest crew member on Below Deck Season 8.
Along with being a deckhand, Rob is also a geologist. Pic credit: Bravo

Deckhand Robert Phillips is the newest member of the My Seanna crew on Below Deck Season 8.

Bosun Eddie Lucas and Captain Lee Rosbach finally gave Shane Coopersmith his walking papers in a recent episode.

Sunshine’s firing was not a surprise to anyone except Shane, who admitted he didn’t see it coming.

Shane leaving paved the way for Rob to join the crew as the group prepared for some demanding charter guests. Bryan Guarnieri and his group’s preference sheets made chef Rachel Hargrove erupt in a fit of rage. She even quit hours before the charter.

Thankfully Rachel returned, and Rob boarded the yacht hours before the guests arrived.

Who is Below Deck deckhand Rob Phillips?

The newbie has experience in the yachting world, but the Bravo show is Rob’s first reality TV stint. Rob knows his way around a sailboat thanks to rebuilding one with his father.

According to his Bravo bio, Rob hails from a small town in Canada. Rob knows his way around a sailboat thanks to rebuilding one with his father. He has been racing sailboats all over the world since he was a child. Rob has also participated in extreme offshore races with Spartan Ocean Racing.

The deckhand also has a love of geology. Rob has been on several geology expeditions that have taken him to remote parts of the world to search for “rare minerals and precious metals.” The Amazon and Arabian desert are two of the most exciting places Rob has traveled to.

First impressions all around

Rob hit the ground running, making Eddie and Captain Lee an instant fan. In his latest blog, the captain admitted that he has a “good feeling” about the new deckhand.

Ashling Lorger, Francesca Rubi, Izzy Wouters, and Eddie all commented on The Below Deck After Show that Rob was a good looking guy. They are not wrong, either. Rob’s a hottie.

As for the deckhand, well, his first thoughts of the crew were pretty simple.

“Everyone seemed pretty sound. It was boat people doing boat stuff. I just had to find my bunk and shammy, and I was good to go,” Rob shared.

Francesca and Ashling revealed Rob was quiet at first, making conversation a little challenging. The talks were also slightly awkward in the beginning. Izzy added that Rob didn’t have much personality.

James Hough was quite impressed with Rob and not just because of his boat cleaning skills. The hunky Brit referred to Rob as the only person he could laugh or talk to openly on the yacht.

Izzy did spill Rob and James are going to be so much trouble. As for what she means by that, fans will just have to keep watching Below Deck Season 8 to find out.

What was your first impression of Rob Phillips?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Jessica Lesuk
Jessica Lesuk
2 years ago

What f*****g city/town is he from. Ya we get it somewhere in Ontario. I. From Ontario as well and I want to know what f****n place he’s from for god sakes. I hate Merica