Below Deck: Kate Chastain spills secret to knowing Captain Lee Rosbach’s anger level

Kate Chastain talks Captain Lee Rosbach's signature anger level tell on Below Deck.
Kate knows Captain Lee so well and now she is sharing one of his secrets with Below Deck fans. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum, Kate Chastain has spilled the secret to knowing Captain Lee Rosbach’s anger level.

Viewers watched as Captain Lee lost it on drunk charter guest Dolores when she decided to go for a late-night swim.

The captain became enraged at Dolores for many reasons.

Two reasons that top the list are Dolores was extremely drunk, and it was nighttime in the Caribbean.

It was the jaw-dropping moment Bravo has been teasing since the trailer for Below Deck Season 8 dropped last fall.

The drama was well worth the wait and left fans anxiously awaiting the next episode.

On Below Deck Galley Talk, Kate clued fans in on how to tell just how angry Captain Lee is at any given moment.

Captain Lee’s secret anger sign

Captain Lee does his best to keep his calm around charter guests. It takes a lot for him to go off on one of them. He even tries to get it together with his crew, which tests his anger more than the charter guests at times.

Over their years of friendship and working together, Kate has learned a few secrets regarding the infamous captain. Now she has spilled his tell-tale anger sign with viewers, and it is the radio.

If Captain Lee has the radio placed on his head, then he is getting pissed off. The move occurred during the Great Gatsby dinner, where Dolores kept burping and speaking to him inappropriately.

Francesca Rubi was the cause of another moment the captain pressed his radio near his forehead. She broke down crying on the charter season’s first day.

“If he’s out on deck swinging it by the antenna, he’s looking to make sure you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing,” Kate explained of signature Captain Lee sign.

The radio reveals the mood the captain feels at that moment.

Fans loved Captain Lee’s explosion on Dolores

Twitter exploded with Below Deck fans sharing their love for Captain Lee over the way he handled Dolores. She pulled the “I paid a lot of money” card, and the captain was not having.

Social media was filled with memes of Captain Lee shutting down drunk Dolores. The captain has spoken and ended the charter.

The moral of the story is don’t disrespect Captain Lee ever.

Kate Chastain may no longer be on Below Deck, but she still knows her friend, Captain Lee Rosbach.

They remain incredibly close. He even commented on who Kate should date from the hit Bravo yachting franchise.

Did you know the radio was an indicator of Captain Lee’s mood?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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