Captain Lee Rosbach reveals the real reason he was furious at Below Deck charter guest Dolores

Captain Lee Rosbach explains why he was furious at Dolores on Below Deck
Fans have never seen Captain Lee unload on a Below Deck charter guest like he did Dolores. Pic credit: Bravo

Captain Lee Rosbach has dished all about the drama involving Below Deck charter guest Dolores.

Since the trailer for Season 8 of the Bravo yachting show dropped, fans have been waiting to see the captain unleash on a drunk charter guest. The moment unfolded in the most recent Below Deck episode, with Captain Lee’s anger reaching an all-time high.

It was easy to see what was going to happen with Dolores at the Great Gatsby themed dinner. Captain Lee attended the dinner, which was where his patience with Dolores began to wear thin. She was wasted, burping at the table and talking about getting Captain Lee naked.

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Even Dolores’ friends couldn’t even get her to chill. Little did the group know, Dolores would be the cause of their charter abruptly ending.

Captain Lee explains why he unleashed on Dolores

There are many reasons why the infamous captain was enraged at Dolores. She was drunk, rude, and acting like an idiot. The Below Deck crew deals with over the top, outlandish, intoxicated, and misbehaving charter guests all the time.

Captain Lee shared during the Below Deck Season 8 After Show why Dolores’ actions pushed him to his limit.

“The Caribbean when it gets dark and once you get outside that moon that we cast just from the boat itself, anything goes wrong, we’re never gonna find her,” the captain shared. “She can be hollering, and she could be over there when actually she’s over here. You have no sense of direction at all as to where sound is coming from. It’s one of the most unsafe things I can think of.”

It takes a lot to get Captain Lee to unleash his fury on anyone. He even sat there when chef Rachel Hargrove told him to go f**k himself.

When it comes to the safety of the crew and guests, the captain does play around.

It was a first for the captain

The unprecedented reaction from the stud of the sea left viewers in awe and anxiously waiting for what happens next.

Captain Lee even admitted during the after-show his response was a first for him.

“That never has happened. I’ve never unloaded on a guest like that,” he expressed.

Bosun Eddie Lucas admitted he had never seen Captain Lee that mad. Then again, Dolores’ actions were a complete slap in the face to the captain.

The lack of request combined with safety concern resulted in Captain Lee Rosbach losing it on Below Deck charter guest Dolores. Captain Lee declared the charter over, which means there will oh so much more drama to come.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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