Could Below Deck’s Kate Chastain have won The Traitors 2 with this move?

Kate Chastain is good at The Traitors. That’s why the producers brought the Below Deck alum back for another try. Kate was a fan-favorite during the first season of The Traitors USA. She was good at spotting Traitors, spoke at Roundtables without a filter, and her efforts to quit the game led to some good


Kate Chastain has an important decision on The Traitors 2

Kate Chastain loves the spotlight and has it for the new episode of The Traitors 2. Phaedra Parks decided to give Kate the chance to become a Traitor. But it wasn’t much of a choice. Kate can become a Traitor or be sent home. Host Alan Cumming let Phaedra know the stakes, and that’s what