Kate Chastain inserts herself in Lindsay Hubbard and Dorinda Medley drama — Here’s what we know

Kate Chastatin is getting involved in some delicious drama.
Kate Chastain is getting involved in a Bravo feud. Pic credit: Peacock

Kate Chastain stirred the pot for eight seasons on Below Deck before solidifying herself as a reality TV staple on the first two seasons of Peacock’s The Traitors.

Chastain is a small-screen veteran at this stage and is well-known for her honesty, no matter the situation.

The mother of one is chiming in on the drama surrounding Dorinda Medley, who allegedly revealed Lindsay Hubbard’s pregnancy to The Traitors producers.

Allow us to explain.

A rumor circulated this week that Hubbard was booted from The Traitors Season 3 cast after the Real Housewives of New York veteran allegedly spilled the beans to producers.

Rumors in the reality TV world are widespread, but Hubbard revealed her pregnancy this week and threw major shade at Medley in the process.

How did this drama start?

A popular reality TV Instagram account shared the rumor, and the Summer House star seemingly confirmed it was legitimate.

“This was awful!” she wrote.

“Super disappointing and sad,” the 37-year-old added.

Lindsay Hubbard speaks out about Dorinda Medley.
Lindsay Hubbard speaks out about Dorinda Medley. Pic credit: @lindshubbs/Instagram

Chastain took to X to share her sentiments on the matter. She believes the drama is a bit of a nothing burger.

“Honestly it doesn’t even matter if Dorinda told producers,” the former chief stew wrote.

Kate Chastain wades into Lindsay Hubbard and Dorinda Medley drama.
Kate Chastain is not holding back. Pic credit: @Kate_Chastain/X

“There’s an extremely thorough health exam and extensive testing you have to take before you can do the show so producers would have found out anyways,” she reasoned.

“Also a pregnant woman shouldn’t want to do those missions,” she added.

Kate Chastain is not holding back.
Kate Chastain is doubling down. Pic credit: @Kate_Chastain/X

A fan reasoned in the comments section that it was Lindsay’s story to tell, not Dorinda’s, leading Chastain to hit back.

Kate Chastain doubles down against fans

“We have no idea how the producers found out. This drama is all just so unnecessary.”

Lindsay’s comments suggest that she believes Dorinda shared the news without her consent.

However, there’s also the possibility that the producers found out from someone else entirely, and Dorinda is catching all the heat here.

We may never know the truth, but fans aren’t impressed with the notion that Dorinda shared something without the consent of her fellow Bravolebrity.

People have a right to privacy, especially regarding such big news, but something tells us that this story has far more layers.

All we have to do is wait long enough, and all the details will spill out.

Maybe the drama will somehow be filmed for TV because Bravo loves a good feud.

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