Could Below Deck’s Kate Chastain have won The Traitors 2 with this move?

Kate Chastain on The Traitors 2
The Traitors 2 brought back Below Deck’s Kate Chastain for a another go. Pic credit: Peacock

Kate Chastain is good at The Traitors.

That’s why the producers brought the Below Deck alum back for another try.

Kate was a fan-favorite during the first season of The Traitors USA. She was good at spotting Traitors, spoke at Roundtables without a filter, and her efforts to quit the game led to some good television.

When The Traitors 2 premiered, 21 new players were trying to secure that $250,000 cash prize. But midway through the season, Kate was re-inserted on the show, sharking things up for everyone.

Kate started as a Faithful, but as Traitors began getting exposed, Phaedra Parks from RHOA forced Kate to become a Traitor.

A short time later, Phaedra was eliminated, leaving Kate as the final Traitor standing.

What if Kate had tried to murder someone else?

With only six people left in the game, Kate was tasked with murdering one of the other five players. This is where she made the mistake of murdering Shereé Whitfield from RHOA.

So what might have happened if Kate said she was going to try to murder Mercedes “MJ” Javid? If the Traitors try to murder a player with a Shield, that person stays in the game.

Dan Gheesling from Big Brother made that mistake earlier in the game when he tried to murder Bergie from Love Island USA. Bergie had a Shield, saving him for the night and spurning the Traitors.

If the rules allowed it and Kate tried to murder MJ, the Shahs of Sunset star would have been saved. That would have led to no eliminations and everyone showing up for breakfast the next day.

Everyone showing up could have indicated that all the Traitors had been eliminated. Would a plan like that have worked? Could Kate have then made it to the end with Shereé and MJ? In that scenario, the Bravo ladies could have stuck together to get out Sandra Diaz-Twine first and then the duo from The Challenge.

But, alas, it didn’t play out that way. Chris “CT” Tamburello and Trishelle Cannatella emerged as The Traitors 2 winners.

More reality television news

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Many Survivor fans are also frustrated with how Jess was treated on Season 46. Her tribe was ready to vote her out, but they also created a fake Immunity Idol to ensure it.

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And Big Brother returns to CBS with the BB26 cast this summer.

Stay tuned for news on The Traitors 3 and who might be on the cast.

The Traitors 2 is streaming on Peacock.

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