Kate Chastain reveals her Below Deck regrets

Below Deck alum Kate Chastain shares what she would have changed during final season.
There are a couple of things Kate wishes she had done differently during her final season of Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

Kate Chastain has revealed a couple of her regrets from her six-year stint on Below Deck.

The former chief stew has done plenty of questionable things while on the Bravo show. Kate’s shenanigans and blunt choices made her entertaining for viewers to watch.

However, now that Kate has left Below Deck behind, Andy Cohen wanted to revisit some of her decisions and see if she still stands by them today.

What does Kate regret?

On Watch What Happens Live, Andy had Kate play a game of “Do You Regret It?” The questions were all directed at various situations that occurred during her time on Below Deck.

Kate has never been one to have a lot of regrets. She almost always stands by her actions. However, there were a couple of choices Kate made that she wished she could change.

One of Kate’s biggest regrets was not telling Captain Lee Rosbach about Ashton Pienaar’s aggression in the van.

“Yes, I do [regret it] because then he would have been fired,” Kate answered.

Another regret was Kate letting the Season 7 male crew and Brian de Saint Pern’s “b**ch” comment get to her so much.

“Yes. I did cry, but at least it took me six seasons. And I was drunk,” she said.

Kate stands by her choices

As the game unfolded, fans could easily see that Kate was completely fine with most of the choices she made on Below Deck.

Hooking up with chef Ben Robinson multiple times and placing a rocket ship-shaped towel that looked like a penis on Dean Slover’s bed are both things she does not regret.

Even walking off The Valor last year and spending the night at the hotel didn’t bother Kate. She did, after all, get to spend a lovely evening in a hotel.

One situation Kate most definitely doesn’t regret was not telling chef Kevin that primary guest Jemele Hill went to bed before he served the penis cake. It was a bit of sweet revenge, but also Kate claims Kevin never gave her a chance to share the information.

Kate gave fans six seasons of entertainment on Below Deck, and she has very little regrets about it. These days fans can get their fill of Kate’s one-liners or sarcastic insight on Bravo’s Chat Room.

Andy gushed over the dynamic between Kate and her co-hosts, who dish all things Bravo. Kate always shares her thoughts on Below Deck, which fans love because who better to talk about the yachting show than the former chief stew.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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