Below Deck: Shane Coopersmith responds to Andy Cohen and Kate Chastain for WWHL sustainability shade

Below Deck's Shane Coopersmith has message for Andy Cohen and Kate Chastain.
Shane isn’t letting Andy and Kate making fun of him affect his environmental message. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alum, Shane Coopersmith has responded to Andy Cohen and Kate Chastain throwing shade at him on Watch What Happens Live.

The former deckhand was given his walking papers on the most recent episode of Below Deck. Shane later stopped by the podcast Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef to dish about his time on the Bravo show.

Fans know Shane has a passion for sustainability and environmental causes. The California native spoke about both frequently while on the My Seanna and when he appeared on WWHL.

Sustainability was one topic Shane wanted to talk about with Andy, but the host wanted the dirt on Below Deck. Kate and Andy both threw shade at Shane’s passion when she stopped by WWHL this week.

What did Andy and Kate say?

Andy expressed frustration with Shane after the deckhand’s second appearance on WWHL. Shane danced around the host’s questions and was focused on getting his sustainability message out into the world.

Kate was on the show on the same night the Below Deck episode featuring Shane being fired aired. Andy couldn’t resist getting Kate’s thoughts on Shane and his sustainability cause.

“I think Shane talking about sustainability on Watch What Happens Live is about as effective as Shane wanting to save the planet but taking a job on a motor yacht,” Kate said.

Andy agreed. The two laughed about motor yachts being gas guzzlers and mocked Shane.

Their criticism didn’t faze Shane, though.

“I mean the reason why I went on Below Deck is because I wanted to make the yachting world less unsustainable, and I did,” Shane shared on the podcast.

Shane takes the high road

The deckhand had one priority when he joined Below Deck, and that was to share his sustainability message. Shane also hoped being on the reality TV show would help him grow as a social media influencer, which it did.

“I went on the Andy Cohen show, and I was like, I don’t care what you guys are going to talk about from [the] Below Deck drama. I really don’t care. Like you’re just going to try and push my buttons and make me angry. But you know what, I’m just gonna take the higher path. And I’m going to talk about what’s really important on this planet. What you guys should really understand from Below Deck,” Shane recalled.

Andy Cohen and Kate Chastain are over Shane Coopersmith and his sustainability message. However, the former deckhand won’t let them or anyone else stop him from pursuing his passion.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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