Below Deck Med: Hannah Ferrier breaks down chief stew salary and yachting perks

Hannah Ferrier spills how much a chief stew makes on Below Deck Mediterranean.
Hannah has given fans more details on the mega-money that can be earned in the yachting world. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Hannah Ferrier breaks down a chief stew’s salary and yachting perks to answer a fan question regarding the industry.

Hannah has added more insight to just how much Below Deck crew members make in one season. There has been speculation on this hot topic since the show debuted on Bravo.

The reason fans are so curious about the Below Deck cast members’ income is that it is a job on a reality TV show, which means they can make serious bank.

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What does a chief stew get paid?

No one knows better than Hannah how lucrative the yachting industry can be and not just on reality television. Before joining Below Deck Med Season 1, Hannah had years of yachting experience under her belt.

One Twitter user wanted to know about the pay and how to get started in the yachting industry. Hannah happily replied and promoted her new school at the same time.

“I started because I fell in love with south of France!! So just stumbled my way through it. That’s why I created @oceaninttraina because it’s really hard to know where to start! And it’s good pay. Chief stew is around €5000 per month with no expenses! So, no rent or bills!” Hannah shared.

The amount comes out to $6,000 a month in salary and is based on a chief stew working on a 40-meter yacht. Hannah did clarify Below Deck was a different animal.

“A 6-week season is a Below Deck season, and Below Deck is filmed, which is another job altogether! A standard chief stew on a 40m is €5000 per month,” Hannah clarified to a fan.

Yachting is hard work with a lot of perks

Since yachties are living rent-free and their meals are paid for while working, the value of the salary increases. The only thing a crew member has to pay for is spending money to go out, shopping, etc. Even some personal items can be covered if a yacht owner chooses to be extra generous.

The money, along with traveling the world with little expenses, certainly adds to the perks of yachting. Below Deck fans know, though, the crew works hard for their money and time off.

Hannah Ferrier has retired from yachting to focus on her family with her fiancé Josh and baby daughter Ava. However, she still stays active in the industry through her yachting school, Ocean International Training Academy.

Fans can keep tabs on the former Below Deck Med chief stew via social media. Hannah remains very active and consistently shares updates.


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Perhaps Bravo will hire Hannah to do a commentary on the next season of Below Deck Mediterranean. After all, Kate Chastain has stayed active with the network since her Below Deck exit. It could be a way for Hannah to stay involved, too, if she wants.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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