Below Deck Galley Talk: Kate Chastain and Connie Arias tear up watching Captain Lee talk about his son

Below Deck Galley Talk cast gets emotional as Captain Lee talks about late son Joshua.
Captain Lee discussing his late son Joshua was an emotional moment for the Below Deck Galley Talk cast. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Galley Talk stars Kate Chastain and Connie Arias teared up watching Captain Lee Rosbach talk about his son, Joshua, on Below Deck.

Viewers watched as Captain Lee opened up to chief stew Francesca Rubi about his son Joshua’s death. It was an emotional moment that left fans heartbroken for the infamous captain.

Kate, Connie, and the rest of the Below Deck Galley Talk crew commented on the emotional moment as they gave commentary on the most recent Below Deck episode.

Connie and Kate get teary-eyed

There was oh so much for the Below Deck Galley Talk to dish regarding Below Deck Season 8. Rachel Hargrove’s drunken antics, the crew getting sick, and of course the dwindling boatmance between James Hough and Elizabeth Frankini.

However, just like with fans, the moment that left the group of alums speechless was Captain Lee opening up about his son Joshua’s death.

“Oh God, I can’t watch this,” Connie told Kate as the captain began speaking to Francesca.

Connie and Kate were moved to tears listening to how Captain Lee found his son and the impact that moment will forever have on his life.

“I f**king hate this show,” Kate said.

Connie then replied, “Me too.”

Kate was there for the captain when he and his wife Mary Anne buried their youngest son in 2019. The former chief stew got emotional watching Captain Lee relive the loss.

“Gosh darn it, Captain Lee,” the former chief stew said to the TV screen.

Other Below Deck Galley Talk duos share their thoughts

While all eyes were, of course, on Kate and Connie because of Kate’s close relationship with Captain Lee, the other Below Deck and Below Deck Meds alums got emotional too.

Amy Johnson and her brother Kelley choked up as images of Captain Lee and Joshua flashed across the screen as the captain talked. Kelley also echoed Captain Lee’s sentiment that parents are not designed to bury their children.

Julia d’Albert Pusey watched along with Josiah Carter and described the moment as “heartbreaking.” Josiah remarked he wanted to reach out and hug Captain Lee.

The vulnerability of Captain Lee Rosbach opening up onscreen about losing his son to a drug overdose was not lost on those who know him and the fans who adore him.

Twitter was abuzz with love for captain after the moment initially aired on Below Deck and again after Below Deck Galley Talk. His heartbreaking story resonated with so many people.

Below Deck Galley Talk airs Fridays at 7/6c on Bravo.

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