Below Deck: Courtney Skippon and Kate Chastain defend Rachel Hargrove’s drinking antics

Kate Chastain and Courtney Skippon call out yachting double standard on Below Deck.
Kate and Courtney are Team Rachel. Pic credit: Bravo
Kate Chastain and Courtney Skippon call out yachting double standard on Below Deck.
Kate and Courtney are Team Rachel. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck alums, Courtney Skippon and Kate Chastain have defended Rachel Hargrove’s crew day off drinking antics.

The Season 8 chef has been under fire from crewmembers, like Eddie Lucas, for going off the rails when she drinks. Rachel’s drunken behavior started at a couple of crew dinners.

She chose to leave her group and join a random table at one meal. At another dinner, Rachel blasted Elizabeth Frankini for hooking up with James Hough, calling the deckhand a “douche.”

It was Rachel’s beach day shenanigans that pushed the My Seanna crew over the edge. Chief stew Francesca Rubi and Eddie even chatted with Captain Lee Rosbach regarding the recent incidents involving the chef.

Kate and Courtney both jumped to Rachel’s defense, reminding fans of the chef’s talent and other Below Deck crew who have done the same thing without repercussions.

What did Kate say about Rachel?

The Below Deck Galley Talk commentator used Twitter to speak her mind on Rachel, who Kate has known for years. Kate and Rachel worked together before Kate became Below Deck’s famed chief stew for six seasons.

Kate let the haters know that Rachel has slain it in the kitchen. The chef’s extraordinary cooking skills are one of the main reasons the crew keeps earning the big bucks in tips.

The former chief stew also expressed that Rachel is allowed to let loose on her day off. After all, what else is a crew day out for if not to blow off some steam?

Rachel commented on Kate’s tweet, recalling a time the two women got wasted together. They even got their boss drunk, according to the chef.

Courtney calls out the double standard

The Below Deck Season 7 alum wasted no time replying to her friend Kate’s tweet. Courtney not only agreed with Kate’s message but added her own thoughts, including calling out previous male chefs.

“She’s the best chef they’ve ever had & despite the pressure of kicking ass/taking names, she doesn’t once take the stress out on her crewmates. I haven’t seen any of the male chefs practice that control. You know what else I haven’t seen any of the male chefs practice? Sobriety” tweeted Courtney.

Below Deck fans will recall chef Kevin Dobson and bosun Ashton Pienaar both showed aggressive drunken behavior during Season 7. Kevin kicked sand in Kate’s face, and Ashton nearly punched her in a van.

Chef Rachel does overindulge in alcohol during the Below Deck crew’s free time, but she hasn’t become violent. She may be embarrassing and annoying but then again, so were many of the past Below Deck crewmembers when drinking.

Kate Chastain and Courtney Skippon are standing up for Rachel Hargrove after Below Deck fans criticized the chef’s drinking.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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