Jason Duggar breaks silence on Josh Duggar’s sentencing

Jason Duggar camping.
Jason Duggar spoke out about Josh Duggar’s sentencing. Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Jason Duggar is one of the quieter siblings in the family.

He often shares photos of fun outings with his siblings, including his trips to visit his big sister, Jinger Duggar, in California.

During the fiasco with Josh Duggar over the last year, Jason remained quiet. He reshared a statement made by Jinger And Jeremy Vuolo following the guilty verdict rendered in December, but nothing in his own words.

Jason Duggar shares statement following Josh Duggar’s sentence

Jason Duggar was in court for Josh Duggar’s sentencing. He sat with his sister, Joy-Anna Duggar, and his brother, James Duggar.

On his Instagram stories, Jason put out a statement regarding the events that transpired in court.

He wrote, in part, “Yesterday my oldest brother was sentenced to 151 months, around 12 1/2 years in prison for receiving and possessing child pornography. In my opinion, judge Timothy L. Brooks was fair in his ruling giving Josh a sentence that would be considered below the median for the crimes he has committed.”

Jason closed the statement by saying, “With that said, I will never stop loving my brother, regardless of what he does, just as my savior has forgiven me so I have forgiven my brother of his wrongdoings! My prayer is that God will use this circumstance to truly humble him and bring about a true change in his life!”

Jason Duggar released a statement.
Pic credit: @jaseduggar/Instagram

Other Duggar family members speak out

Jason Duggar was the second sibling to make a public statement about Josh Duggar’s sentence.

Amy Duggar King was the first to speak out, which wasn’t surprising as she has been overly vocal in the days leading up to the sentencing. She believes the sentence was okay, but it will never be long enough for the victims. The Duggar cousin also revealed that the other prisoners might inflict their own justice.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard released their own statement. They are still sticking by Josh’s family and even offered to help in any way they can. Neither attended the sentencing hearing, but Derick did attend the trial daily.

What the future holds for the Duggar family remains unclear. There is speculation an even bigger rift is coming based on Josh Duggar and his supporters and crimes. Jim Bob Duggar left the courthouse alone, despite three of his children attending the hearing and Anna Duggar being there as well.

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Karen Gauthier
Karen Gauthier
9 months ago

He didn’t get nearly enough of a sentence he deserved. He deserved to get at least 20 years for every child.

Cindi Dawn Rheinboldt
Cindi Dawn Rheinboldt
9 months ago

This man needs alot of help. Since he is servicing 12 plus years in prison, I hope he gets the help he needs.. And his wife and parents needs to stop sweeping his miss-doing under the rug. Maybe if his parents addressed this problem along time ago he would not be to prison now,

9 months ago

My heart just breaks for this family. Satan loves to bring Christians down and give them a bad name. Jason, your message was beautiful. I pray for this family (all of them) that somehow they can get some normalcy back in their lives and love one another.