Amy Duggar King reacts to Josh Duggar’s sentence, says ‘probably the prisoners will also take care of him’

Amy Duggar King striking a pose.
Amy Duggar King spoke out about Josh Duggar’s sentence. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King has shared her reaction to Josh Duggar’s sentencing.

Leading up to the big day, she had been vocal on social media about her disgust over what happened with her cousin. She even revealed she was”infuriated” over what transpired.

The Duggar cousin even read the letter she wanted to send to Judge Brooks ahead of the actual sentence being handed down. She didn’t send the letter, though. It was filled with direct wording and put into words how she has felt since this nightmare for the family began.

Amy Duggar King talks sentencing, stipulations after time is served

Josh Duggar was sentenced to 151 months in federal prison to be served in either Texas or Arkansas.

Amy Duggar King took to TikTok to briefly recap her feelings about the sentence and what will happen when he is released.

She discussed that she was aware he likely wouldn’t get the maximum sentence the crime carried. Amy discussed the look of her skin, including the breakout on her face from stress. It was clear the situation had taken a toll on her, and she acknowledged the toll it took on her family as well.

Based on what she thought the sentence could be or would be, Amy was “really happy” with the sentence handed down by the judge, even though it would “never be enough” for justice where the victims are concerned. She believes it will hold Josh accountable, at least more than if it was dismissed and he was allowed freedom.

At the end of her discussion, she revealed that “probably the prisoners will also take care of him.”

What’s next for the Duggar family?

Amy Duggar King will likely rest easier knowing the outcome of the months-long wait.

As for the rest of the Duggar family, they have remained mostly silent. There’s speculation that statements will be released in the coming days addressing the sentence and what’s next.

Anna Duggar didn’t speak out much between Josh Duggar’s verdict and sentencing, even avoiding being photographed for the most part. She did share a “more to the story” post, which led to an article about Josh’s situation.

Jim Bob Duggar left the courthouse alone, avoiding the reporters waiting for comment. He didn’t walk with Anna or any of his children who attended the sentencing.

What happens next remains unclear.

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9 months ago

Most time I don’t care for Amy, but in Josh’s case I love Amy.