Which Duggar family members attended Josh Duggar’s sentencing?

Anna Duggar on Counting On.
Anna Duggar was there for Josh Duggar’s sentencing hearing. Pic credit: TLC

Josh Duggar is due to be sentenced today, and some of his family members showed up at the courthouse to support him.

The former reality star was found guilty of receiving and possessing child pornography back in December 2021. He has been awaiting his hearing for sentencing at the Washington County Detention Center.

Several of his siblings spoke out following the verdict, but only Michelle Duggar and Anna Duggar wrote letters to the judge ahead of today.

Who showed up for Josh Duggar?

According to The Sun, Anna Duggar arrived at the courthouse with Josh Duggar’s legal team. She was said to be in good spirits. However, based on what her husband is facing, that may be presumptuous.

This will be the first time Anna will see Josh since he was taken into custody following his guilty verdict. The couple has been able to video chat and have phone calls while he was in the detention center, but no face-to-face visits have been allowed.

Jim Bob Duggar was also present at the courthouse for the sentencing hearing. He came dressed in a suit and tie, but his wife, Michelle Duggar wasn’t by his side. The couple did not put on a united front for their son, but that isn’t surprising as she didn’t attend the many days of testimony given in the December trial either.

Joy-Anna Duggar arrived with her brother, Jason Duggar. There was no sign of Austin Forsyth, who attended the testimony during the trial with his wife. James Duggar was also noted to have been present.

Neither Amy Duggar King nor Derick Dillard were seen at the courthouse ahead of sentencing. Both have spoken out ahead of the day, giving their opinions on what should happen.

Aside from Joy-Anna, none of the other sisters were seen either. Jill is expecting her third child, so it isn’t surprising she didn’t show up. Jinger Duggar is in California, so she wasn’t expected to take part. Jessa and Jana are wildcards, though. Where they were remains unclear.

What is Josh Duggar facing?

Judge Timothy Brooks will sentence Josh Duggar on the possession charge. The receipt charge is lesser and won’t be part of the sentencing hearing.

The maximum sentence the former 19 Kids and Counting star faces is 20 years. This will also come with a fine, though the amount is up to the judge.

This has been nearly six months since the original sentencing date was pushed back, allowing for a delay for the defense to file more motions.

Josh Duggar and his family will finally learn his fate as the sentencing gets underway.

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