Garcelle Beauvais throws shade at Porsha Williams and Simon Guobadia engagement, timeline

Garcelle Beauvais is suspicious of Porsha Williams's intentions.
Garcelle Beauvais is suspicious of Porsha Williams’s intentions Pic credit: Bravo

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’s Garcelle Beauvais weighed in on her fellow Bravo star Porsha Williams’s engagement to millionaire businessman Simon Guobadia.

Simon Guobadia also happens to be the ex-husband of Falynn Guobadia, who appeared several times as a “friend of” on the last season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The couple was married for two years before breaking off their union only one month ago.

Then last week, RHOA’s Porsha revealed that she and Simon fell in love in a whirlwind romance and he actually just put a ring on it.

The Bravo-verse has been buzzing ever since Porsha shared this shocking news, and Garcelle is the latest to speak about the craziness.

Garcelle Beauvais comments on the messy situation

The 54-year-old Beverly Hills Housewife is a co-host on the daytime talk show The Real, where she told the other ladies what she thinks about the love triangle.

“She went to the girl’s house and she brought her sister and a friend and they smoke hookah together,” Beauvais pointed out. “So, I don’t know what the girl code is if you know somebody and you’ve been to their house and then you take their man.”

RHOA fans remember when the Atlanta girls partied at Falynn’s house on Halloween last season. But the cameras did not catch any romantic interest between Williams and Falynn’s husband at the time.

Simon Guobadia calming his wife after an argument with LaToya Ali during her Halloween party.
Simon Guobadia calming his wife after an argument with LaToya Ali during her Halloween party Pic credit: Bravo

“I don’t think she took [her] man, but a month you guys? A month,” she added. “First of all, he’s recently divorced. There hasn’t even been time to reflect, to see what did I do wrong, what did he do wrong, what did she do wrong? And then all of a sudden we’re engaged?”

This reflects what many people thought when Porsha confessed to the public that she and Simon were not only in a relationship but they were engaged to be married.

Beauvais suggested that there may be something fishy going on behind the scenes.

“I mean, it sounds to me like it’s a storyline for next season,” Garcelle hypothesized.

She joined the RHOBH cast back in Season 10, so she certainly has a little bit of experience with the way stories are produced on reality TV.

Everything becomes even more complicated when you add in that some fans are speculating that Porsha may actually be pregnant with Guobadia’s baby!

Porsha Williams is happy with her decision to accept Simon's proposal just one month after he filed for divorce
Porsha Williams is happy with her decision to accept Simon’s proposal just one month after he filed for divorce Pic credit: Bravo

Housewives from all over Bravo are expressing their opinions about Porsha’s new man

It would be an understatement to say that the news of the Williams-Guobadia engagement shocked Bravo stars and fans of the Atlanta Housewives.

All eyes were on Falynn’s response, so she posted on her Instagram, “I want to thank everyone for reaching out to me and offering their love and support. At this time, I am focusing on finalizing my divorce and healing. Sending positivity to all of you.”

So it seems like the mother of three wants to stay out of the drama in favor of processing the changes in her life.

Kenya Moore, Porsha’s longtime frenemy, was not afraid to be shady towards Williams for taking Falynn’s man.

But Williams’s announcement also had many supporters from the housewives franchise including NeNe Leakes and LaToya Ali.

Who else is going to pick sides in this feud?

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is set to premiere on May 19th at 8/7c on Bravo.

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