RHOA: Kenya Moore confronts LaToya Ali in latest episode but things turn sour

Kenya Moore approaching LaToya at last episode's Halloween party.
Kenya Moore approaching LaToya at last episode’s Halloween party. Pic credit: VH1

The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kenya Moore and LaToya Ali had an explosive fight in this week’s episode because Moore questioned Ali’s friendship and loyalty.

When Kenya discovered that LaToya was telling people details about her personal life, she felt that LaToya was betraying her trust.

Later in the show, all of the Atlanta ladies were invited to Falynn Guobadia’s Halloween party, where the drama eventually came to a boiling point and bubbled over.

Kenya finds out LaToya was gossiping about her

Marlo Hampton was the one who spilled the tea on what LaToya was saying behind Kenya’s back.

Hampton revealed that Ali went around telling her, Shamea Morton, and Porsha Williams that Kenya’s ex-husband, Marc Daly, was asking for alimony.

Kenya finding out that LaToya was acting shady
Kenya finding out that LaToya was acting shady. Pic credit: VH1

Kenya was upset that LaToya was spreading her business to Shamea and Porsha, who have recently had issues with Kenya. This drama stemmed from earlier this season when Kenya accused Porsha and her friend of hooking up with a stripper the ladies had hired. A.K.A. “Strippergate.”

This divorce with Daly has been a sensitive topic with Kenya, especially since their relationship has been so tumultuous in the past.

“First of all, everyone knows that I am very guarded. And this is not the first time LaToya has betrayed my trust,” Moore confided on the show. And that is true; RHOA audiences have predicted that this friendship would end badly for a long time.

“This really stings,” she added. “Because I don’t let people into my life like that.”

RHOA confrontation at Falynn’s Halloween Party

Falynn Guobadia, who is a friend of the show, decided to go all out on an extravagant and spooky Halloween Party with the Atlanta Housewives.

As the alcohol started to flow, LaToya decided to confront Kenya about avoiding all of her texts and calls. Kenya pulled LaToya away from the festivities so they could speak in private.

Kenya expressed that LaToya should not have been speaking on such a private issue with the people who actively dislike her.

Ali defended herself saying, “I felt like in that moment I had to defend you and protect you because they really tried to make you look like a terrible person, right?”

LaToya as a "dead mermaid" for the costume party.
LaToya Ali as a “dead mermaid” for the costume party. Pic credit: VH1

LaToya tried to ensure that her loyalty was with Kenya, not Kenya’s enemies. But Kenya found that hard to believe.

And things started to get really heated when LaToya raised her voice at Kenya.

As they continued to fight, LaToya laughed and said that she couldn’t take Kenya seriously in her Native American headdress. This was the last straw for Moore, and she removed herself from the confrontation for good.

In a conversation with Porsha outside of the party, LaToya shared what she thought the root of Kenya’s issue with her is.

“I think that the underlying issue is: [you and I] kissed,” LaToya ranted to Porsha. “And Kenya, she took it to heart.” RHOA fans know that Kenya once admitted to having a crush on her during filming.

Halloween confrontation explodes

Tensions were already high when LaToya was called for always attacking Falynn and the age of her 56-year-old husband, Simon.

Simon attempting to calm Falynn after LaToya riled her up
Simon attempting to calm Falynn after LaToya riled her up. Pic credit: VH1

Falynn tried to physically fight LaToya for continuing to say nasty things about her house and her family as she left the party. RHOA producers had to hold Falynn back as she threatened to hit Ali with a golf club from her garage.

Fellow Housewife Drew Sidora weighed in on the situation.

“LaToya has officially gone too far. You can’t control yourself when you drink too much,” Sidora commented. “I feel like her behavior can become more and more dangerous if she doesn’t do something about it.”

LaToya regrets her actions from last week

When she appeared on last week’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show, LaToya tried to explain her reasoning behind telling Shamea and Porsha about the alimony request.

“I didn’t feel like I was doing anything wrong in the moment,” explained LaToya, “But now looking back, maybe I shouldn’t have shared so much.”

“And so, I kinda, you know, regret that,” she added. But the question remains, will she express any regret over the events at Falynn’s party?

Hopefully, the ladies can make up before Drew Sidora’s highly anticipated RHOA New Orleans trip coming up soon! Or else there will certainly be more drama on the horizon.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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