Kenya Moore admits to having a crush on LaToya Ali in recent episode of RHOA

Kenya Moore and LaToya Ali film for RHOA
Kenya Moore admits she has a crush on LaToya Ali while calling out her behavior on the girls’ trip. Pic credit: Bravo

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore told LaToya Ali that she had a crush on her while filming for the show.

During March 1’s episode of RHOA, Kenya sat down with her bestie LaToya and explained that she felt hurt by LaToya’s actions during the South Carolina girls’ trip.

Kenya felt betrayed by LaToya’s actions during the bachelorette party

Kenya was disappointed that LaToya didn’t defend her and sided with the women who thought Kenya was ruining the fun by instigating the Strippergate rumors. LaToya had even accused her of leaking the rumors to blogs.

“It hurt me on many levels because I have told you. I have told everyone I have a crush on you,” Kenya confessed. “I did. I’m not trying to be fake. I’ve been with a woman. You’re cute. You– we vibe.”

“You have a crush on me?” LaToya asked. “I’m blushing.”

Kenya expressed that she ultimately felt betrayed by LaToya.

“I just felt this closeness to you. And it left me feeling like you’re just here for whoever is gonna show you attention, and that is not loyalty,” Kenya expressed.

LaToya attempted to defend herself and stated that she still felt like she had the right to have fun at the bachelorette party.

“I understand where you’re coming from, but at the same time, I was having fun in the dungeon no matter who it was, right?” LaToya asked.

She even addressed the footage the cameras captured of her messing around, adding, “And I did have fun with your enemy.”

Ultimately LaToya apologized.

She expressed, “I wasn’t there for you and I am so sorry for that.”

Did LaToya expect that Kenya had a crush on her?

LaToya dished on Kenya’s confession that she had a crush on her during a confessional interview.

She told producers that she had no idea Kenya felt that way.

“I am so shocked that Kenya has a crush on me,” she stated.

While LaToya didn’t reveal if the feelings were reciprocated, she didn’t shut down the possibility. She also weighed in on how she thinks Kenya developed a crush on her.

“Like, she doesn’t open up to anybody, and I feel like I bring out the fun, the flirtatious, real woman out of Kenya. I guess she’s never felt that before from somebody,” LaToya expressed.

Both of the women are going through separations from their husbands. During the season, LaToya stated that she intended to file for divorce from her estranged husband, Adam Ali.

That same episode, Kenya was served with divorce papers from Marc Daly. He had even asked her for alimony.

Therefore, both women may be available soon and now that Kenya’s feelings are out in the open, they could potentially explore a relationship.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs on Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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