Former Dancing with the Stars host reacts to Disney+ move

Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews on DWTS
Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews on DWTS. Pic credit: ABC

Dancing with the Stars is moving from ABC to Disney+ streaming.

While this has caused many fans to lash out at the show because they either still prefer cable television or they don’t live somewhere with fast enough internet speeds for streaming, it is DWTS looking to the future.

There are over 125 million Disney+ subscribers and with Dancing with the Stars only getting about five million viewers an episode in Season 30, there is a chance to improve their numbers on the streaming service.

It is also forward-thinking as more people are ditching overpriced cable and moving to streaming services like Disney+ to save money.

While Tom Bergeron has already shot down rumors that he might return now that it is moving to Disney+, his former co-host Erin Andrews has spoken up about the move as well.

Erin Andrews on the DWTS Disney+ move

Erin Andrews spoke to Entertainment Tonight about the news that Dancing with the Stars is moving to Disney+ streaming.

“I obviously saw [the news] from all the dancers posting it, so I just hope that they’re doing OK and they’re excited about it,” Erin said. “That’s where my love and my dedication lies towards – is those guys. So, as long as all of them are good.”

Erin started out her Dancing with the Stars experience as a celebrity dancer in 2010. She finished in third place and moved on to co-host the show with Tom starting in 2014.

That lasted for six years before both were fired from the show with no warning, during the pandemic. Tyra Banks replaced him as the sole host, much to many fans’ chagrin.

Erin moved back to sportscasting after this, although she said she would be interested in moving back to reality TV again in the future.

Who will host Dancing with the Stars in Season 31?

There are a lot of rumors indicating that Tyra Banks is out as the host of Dancing with the Stars. The executive who fired Tom and Erin and brought Tyra in has also left the show.

The show was already looking at bringing in an A-list star to either join Tyra as a co-host or replace her before the Disney+ announcement.

Now, with the live show on Disney+ streaming, the first of its kind, DWTS will surely look at a big name to bring in viewers for the new experience.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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