Tom Bergeron responds to if he would return to Dancing with the Stars

Tom Bergeron on DWTS
Tom Bergeron on DWTS. Pic credit: ABC

With Dancing with the Stars moving on to Disney+ streaming, there were questions about whether or not Tom Bergeron would return to the series.

We even speculated on this site about whether Tom could return if the show called him. There are many fans that want to see him back.

However, in response to our article, Tom responded on Twitter and made clear his stance on returning to Dancing with the Stars.

Tom Bergeron moving on to bigger things

In our original article, we speculated on what would happen if Dancing with the Stars called Tom Bergeron to return to the show.

The executive producer who fired him has been let go and there are rumors that Tyra Banks will not be back as the host in Disney+ streaming.

If Tom returned to Dancing with the Stars, it might bring back some lapsed fans and also help sell Disney+ to those who are worried they can’t afford the $8 a month it costs to stream.

However, don’t expect it to happen.

In response to our speculation, Tom responded by saying, “Recommended Reading: Selected Novels of Thomas Wolfe.”

Tom Bergeron Twitter
Pic credit: @Tom_Bergeron/Twitter

So, what does this mean?

Thomas Wolfe is a renowned author and one of the prevailing themes of his books is when a person leaves their small-town life. While they often consider returning, they realize that their dreams are leading them elsewhere and they can never go home again.

Wolfe’s best-known work is You Can’t Go Home Again.

With those comments, it sounds like Tom Bergeron doesn’t plan to ever return to Dancing with the Stars as a host.

What is next for Tom Bergeron?

As we previously reported, there are various things that Tom Bergeron could look at when it comes to his next project.

Tom hosted the pilot episodes reboot of the game show Tic-Tac-Dough for NBC. There is no word on whether the network has chosen to pick the show up yet, but Tom won’t be back even if they don’t pick it up.

There have also been rumors of another dancing reality series on NBC that would compete with DWTS, especially with the latter moving from network TV to streaming.

Tom Bergeron taking a hosting gig for another dancing reality show could really hurt DWTS as it tries to lure people to Disney+.

Dancing with the Stars is on hiatus. The dancing reality competition series will return in late 2022 to its new home on Disney+ streaming.

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1 year ago

well if you go to disney channel i guess i won’t watch dwts —i can’t get that channel—-i’m 70 yrs and i look forward to see those shows but i guess not any more and yes get tom back–and why do they have to change something when it was a good thing–i think your going to loose alot more fans —to bad for you