Elizabeth Frankini from Below Deck: Is she first stew to get fired on Bravo show?

Was Elizabeth Frankin the only stew fired from Below Deck ever?
Elizabeth has made history Below Deck history. Pic credit: Bravo

Is Elizabeth Frankini from Below Deck the first stew to get fired on the Bravo show? That’s a question fans are asking after the most recent episode featured Liz getting axed.

The final few seconds of Below Deck featured Francesca Rubi letting Elizabeth know she was being let go while Captain Lee Rosbach was looking on. Elizabeth was legit shocked to learn she was fired. The look on her face speaks volumes.

Fans have mixed thoughts on what went down with Liz. Many viewers feel Francesca was too hard on the stew, while others think Francesca and Ashling Lorger carried the interior.

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Was Elizabeth the first stew to be fired from Below Deck?

After eight seasons of a show, one wouldn’t think there could be too many firsts in one season. However, Season 8 has seen a few firsts, including Captain Lee losing it on a charter guest.

Elizabeth getting fired from Below Deck also means she is the first stew fired on the flagship Bravo show. No stew has ever gotten a plane ticket home on Below Deck. Some deck team members, like Shane Coopersmith, have been let go, and so has a chef but never a stew.

Former chief stew Kate Chastain had plenty of issues with her interior staff over six seasons. On Below Deck Galley Talk Kate, admitted she really wanted to fire Rocky Dakota and Laura Betancourt, but Captain Lee shot her down.

Below Deck Mediterranean has had two stews fired in five seasons. Only one was because of a stews actions. Season 4 June Foster was let go when Anastasia Surmava decided to return to the interior after taking on the chef’s role.

Season 5 perhaps delt the most significant firing in the spin-off history. Captain Sandy Yawn fired chief stew Hannah Ferrier for having Valium on the mega-yacht and not letting the captain know.

What has Elizabeth said about her firing so far?

On Watch What Happens Live, Elizabeth declared she was proud of the job she did as a stew on Below Deck. Liz even went toe to toe with Ashling regarding Elizabeth’s competence as a stew.

After a Twitter user slammed Liz for thinking she did a good job, Elizabeth declared there’s more to the story.

“Oh no doubt I wouldn’t think I did a good job if I saw what you all saw! However, I lived it so I know the truth #BelowDeck,” the former stew replied.

Elizabeth Frankini from Below Deck responds to fan tweet.
Pic credit: @bettabird/Twitter

Elizabeth Frankini has become the first stew to be fired from Below Deck. There’s only one episode left in Season 8, which means the reunion is less than two weeks away.

Fans can expect more of Elizabeth defending her work on the My Seanna during the Season 8 virtual reunion. The crew has been divided in terms of the Francesca and Elizabeth feud, so the reunion should be filled with lots of opinions on this hot topic.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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2 years ago

Rocky got fired first. she was a third stew.