Below Deck: Ashling Lorger and Elizabeth Frankini’s tense exchange makes Andy Cohen cringe on WWHL

Below Deck's Elizabeth Frankini and Ashling Lorger have awkward exchange on Watch What Happens Live
There’s no love lost between Below Deck’s Ashling and Elizabeth. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck stars, Ashling Lorger and Elizabeth Frankini shared a tense exchange that made Andy Cohen cringe on Watch What Happens Live.

Andy was clearly uncomfortable during the entire interview with Liz and Ash. The show was filled with awkward moments, snide comments, and clap backs as the two stews took aim at each other.

Hot on the heels of Elizabeth getting fired by Francesca Rubi on Below Deck, she and Ashling virtually chatted with Andy. They gave fans a glimpse of what can be expected from them at the Below Deck Season 8 reunion show.

Did Ashling act fake towards Elizabeth?

Watch What Happens Live got started with a bang addressing the elephant in the room, Ashling being fake or two-faced. Andy asked Ash to explain if that how she was acting or not.

The Australian beauty was friendly toward Elizabeth during filming, but Ashing has slammed her a couple of times since Below Deck Season 8 hit airwaves.

“No, definitely wasn’t intentional whatsoever. I will admit that I always have a smile on my face, and it’s just part of me, whether that’s being misinterpreted or what,” Ash stated. “But yeah, there was no intentional smirks or nastiness towards you onboard the yacht at all.”

Elizabeth didn’t hold back and called Ashling fake, which led to Ashling expressing she has never been fake. Ash was shocked by Elizabeth’s remark but stood her ground.

Elizabeth called out Ashling for talking behind her back

Last month Ashling bashed Elizabeth as a stew on Watch What Happens Live. Liz called out Ash for talking about her behind her back so much.

“I found it very strange that you never expressed any of that to me on the boat,” Elizabeth said.

Ashling reiterated she wanted to remain professional while they were on the My Seanna. Plus, they did share a cabin, which made Ash want to minimize the drama.

The tension hit a high point when a fan asked Ashling if Elizabeth would have done a better job if deckhand James Hough was not on the crew.

“No, I think, Liz, you’re just not cut out for yachting. It’s just not your thing. I think you’re more into, like, yoga and more things like that,” Ash shared. “Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses. I think James was just a little bit of a distraction. He helped along the way.”

The interview got more heated when Liz called out Ash for putting her down. Ashling shared her opinion and defended her stance leading Elizabeth to call the entire conversation “ridiculous.”

Elizabeth Frankini was happy with her performance as a stew on Below Deck. Ashling Lorger disagreed leading to them quarrel while Andy Cohen looked on during Watch What Happens Live.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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