Duggar Christmas 2021: Here’s where the Duggar siblings spent their holiday

Jinger, Jana, and Jessa Duggar in Counting On confessionals.
The Duggars siblings weren’t all together on Christmas. Pic credit: TLC

Christmas 2021 has come and gone, and Duggar critics and fans want to know who showed up at the big house for Christmas and who decided to spend the holiday with their in-laws instead.

It has been a tough year, especially with the legal drama Josh Duggar bestowed upon his family. Earlier this month, he was convicted of possessing and receiving child pornography.

A lot has happened, and it seems that rifts in the family are beginning to become more apparent.

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Here’s a rundown of where some of the Duggar siblings spent their Christmas.

Josh Duggar

The eldest Duggar son spent Christmas 2021 behind bars in the Washington County Correctional facility. He’s been there since December 9, when the guilty verdict was rendered. Josh Duggar was taken into custody and will remain there until his sentencing.

Jinger Duggar

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo went to Pennsylvania for Christmas this year. They did not end up in Arkansas with the Duggars, and the reason behind it wasn’t revealed.

The couple shared bits and pieces of their trip back to Jeremy’s home as he introduced his kids to some of his favorite places. He and Jinger are still not showing their daughters’ faces, but they did include Felicity from behind again.

When Jinger and Jeremy released their statement about Josh’s guilty verdict, they called him a “hypocrite.” It wasn’t the script Jim Bob Duggar would have liked, and there is speculation they may be on the outs with the family now.

Justin Duggar

Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey spent Thanksgiving with the Duggars, and it looks like they also came back to Arkansas for Christmas. The couple was married earlier this year and currently live in Texas, not too far from Claire’s parents.

They were also in town during Josh’s trial, where Justin caught a bunch of criticism for posing for a photo outside of the courthouse with two thumbs up. Also, Hilary Spivey, Claire’s mom, was present for some of the trial and walked out with Anna Duggar after the verdict came down, and Josh was led away.

He is still loyal to his family, and with Claire Spivey and her family being so devoted to the Duggars, it isn’t too shocking they spent Christmas at the big house.

Jessa Duggar

Ahead of Christmas, Jessa Duggar revealed she and Ben Seewald would be spending Christmas with her family at the big house. She put together a video about their holiday plans, which included some fun winter activities they did as well.

Jessa is very loyal to Jim Bob and Michelle, which was further proved when she and Ben released a mild statement about Josh. She will likely remain close to the family, spending time with her siblings who are on the same page.

Jana Duggar did update with some Instagram reels, showing which other Duggar family members attended the Christmas celebration.

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