Jana Duggar shares a glimpse into the Duggar family Christmas

Jana Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jana Duggar shared a snippet of how the Duggar Christmas went. Pic credit: TLC

It wasn’t a great year for the Duggar family, but their Christmas 2021 celebration appeared to be full of joy.

Jana Duggar shared some of the family’s Christmas get-together highlights in a reel on social media. She was able to catch some of the fun moments from the inflatable slide, the opening of presents, and family getting together.

Even though not everyone was there, it looked like those who were enjoyed themselves.

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Who showed up at the Duggar Christmas?

Jana Duggar was the woman behind the camera. All of her siblings who were under 18 were there as well.

Kendra Caldwell and Joseph Duggar were there, as she showed up in several shots that were included on the Instagram reel.

James and Jason Duggar were spotted walking around, and Justin Duggar was also in the part where Jana was filming the kids at the inflatable slide.

Joy-Anna Duggar was also pictured, though Austin Forsyth didn’t appear in any footage. It looked like Joy-Anna may have just stopped by as she was shown with her coat on.

John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett were in attendance also. Gracie was shown, as was Abbie. John-David was in the background of some of the footage but wasn’t heavily featured.

Anna Duggar’s daughter, Mackynzie, was also a part of the video. Anna wasn’t shown, but she was there spending time with her in-laws as this was the first Christmas, her husband, Josh Duggar, was behind bars.

Duggar grandchildren shine in Christmas reel

Jana Duggar made sure to capture as many of the little ones as she could. Mackynzie Duggar is the eldest grandchild, and she was present in the reel.

Followers were also able to see Gideon and Evelyn Forsyth, Spurgeon and Fern Seewald, Gracie Duggar, and all three of Joseph Duggar’s children.

There is only one Duggar grandchild due in 2022 so far. Jedidiah Duggar and Katelyn Nakatsu announced they were expecting this year, and they are due in April. As of now, they have not announced the gender of their unborn baby, and if it is a boy, it will break the long chain of girl Duggar grandchildren who have been born in a row.

It was a very full Christmas for the Duggars. Despite all of their trials and tribulations in 2021, they managed to celebrate the holiday with one another.

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Sue Gangi
Sue Gangi
1 year ago

Look at all that junk food! For Christmas, just deserts?? This is what they eat???
No wonder their brains are all rotted out!