Josh Duggar in solitary confinement for ‘safety’ as he awaits sentencing

Josh Duggar's mugshot from December 2021.
Josh Duggar’s latest mugshot. Pic credit: Washington County

Josh Duggar is back behind bars, and this time, his stay is expected to be long-term.

The disgraced reality TV star was remanded into custody on Thursday, December 9th, 2021, following a guilty verdict on possession and receipt of child pornography.

Currently, Josh is awaiting his sentencing, which is expected to happen in or around April 2022. Until then, he is at the Washington County Detention Center, where he spent a few days following his April arrest.

Josh Duggar in solitary confinement for ‘safety’

After being taken into custody earlier this week, Josh Duggar was moved to solitary confinement.

A source told The Sun, “Josh is cordoned off from the general population. He is in a holding cell by himself. We do this for every sex offender. We are holding him separately for his own safety.”

He is expected to be sentenced in approximately four months, which means he will remain alone in the cell until then. Washington County is known for violent attacks among the inmates, and given what Josh was convicted of, having him in solitary confinement is the best option.

It’s unclear where Josh Duggar will go following his sentencing. He faces up to 40 years in prison (20 per count) and up to a $500,000 fine ($250,000 per count).

What will Anna Duggar do with Josh Duggar behind bars?

As Josh Duggar awaited trial, he lived with Lacount and Maria Reber. They were assigned as his third-party custodians, and he remained in their house from May through when he was taken into custody on Thursday.

Anna Duggar was allowed unlimited contact with her husband while he was there, and their children were also allowed to be present. She reportedly spent a lot of time with her husband as he remained under the Reber roof.

She attended court daily, walking hand-in-hand with Josh Duggar as they entered the courthouse. Anna left alone on Thursday, and it is unclear when she will see her husband again. She looked unhappy as she left but was surrounded by family members and avoided contact with the press as she hopped into a waiting SUV.

Now, as Josh sits in solitary confinement, Anna is tasked with raising their seven children as a single parent. She is expected to get plenty of help from Josh’s parents and siblings as several have already vowed to stick by her and their nieces and nephews.

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