Anna Duggar left courthouse quickly, Duggar family vows to stand by her as Josh faces lengthy prison sentence

Anna Duggar in 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar gets support from Josh’s family. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar’s world is about to change drastically.

The mom-of-seven learned that her husband, Josh Duggar, could be in prison for decades after the jury in his child pornography trial rendered two guilty verdicts.

Following a brief exchange between Anna and Josh, he was led away in handcuffs and placed into custody immediately as he awaits sentencing. It’s speculated that sentencing won’t occur for roughly four months, which is approximately April 2022.

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Anna Duggar scurries out of the courthouse surrounded by Josh’s family

After Josh Duggar was led away, Anna Duggar left the courthouse looking distant and distraught.

Over on Reddit, they shared a video of Anna as she scurried from the courthouse into an SUV that was waiting for her. She did not address anyone and remained stoic.

Surrounding her were Hilary Spivey, who is Justin Duggar’s mother-in-law, Justin, Claire Spivey, who is Justin’s wife, and Jim Bob Duggar. They all left in the same vehicle, and no one spoke to the reporters and photographers.

Duggar statements vow to support Anna Duggar

Following the guilty verdict rendered in the Josh Duggar trial, some family members began to speak out.

Amy Duggar King was the first to speak out. She used Twitter to say what she needed to say, but she didn’t focus too much on Anna Duggar.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar put out a short statement. They revealed they would never stop praying for or loving Josh, and they intend to support Anna and their seven grandchildren. It is unclear what that will look like, but it wouldn’t be the first time they’ve taken care of her and some of their grandchildren. Anna lived with them in the big house in 2015 when Josh was sent to rehab after his infidelity.

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard released a statement as well. Derick attended each day of the trial, often spotted sitting with and supporting Anna. Jill ended up in court as the final arguments were made, and the jury was given the case. They talked about justice being served and how they will continue to support Anna and her children moving forward.

As the news continues to sink in, there will likely be more statements from the other siblings. When Josh was arrested in April, statements came out as each couple processed the news.

Where Anna Duggar will end up remains unknown, but it appears the Duggar family is committed to supporting her and her seven children as Josh Duggar prepares for decades behind bars.

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Martha W
Martha W
1 year ago

I’m a mother, grandma and great grandma. How can you put your children at risk? Your husband is getting what he deserves. I’m glad he got prison time.